Nov 26, 2014

A Little Black Christmas

During the holiday season, a little black dress is a must have in your closet. It's fit for any occassion, and you can dress it up or down. This pretty number has a sheer overlay and I really like the way it looks. It looks more classy, but also playful because of the sleeves. Adding a string of pearls to a little black dress is always a winning combination and it instantly upgrades your look.


Nov 24, 2014

A Chic Christmas

On the second day of Christmas, IGIGI gave to me, a gorgeous dress in the color navy!

Another classy party look this time. This dress is a little more subtle than the previous one but none the less, still very chic. I absolutely love the neckline and the small embellishment in the middle. Again, I felt this dress did not need to many accessories, the dress itself is the show stopper here. A miniature clutch is enough to finish off this look (sadly not pictured). And of course, find yourself a nice piece of man candy to flaunt around with ;).

Sidenote: I got this dress in a size 18 and it fits perfectly.



Nov 21, 2014

A Fancy Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my Asos gave to me, a dress that looks so fancy!

Up for grabs is my first Holiday look, and I'm starting with the fancy stuff! During the holiday season, there are several types of festivities to attend and some require a more formal dresscode. This dress to me is perfect for these opportunities. I really felt it was not necessary to over accesorize the dress, because the dress itself, with all these sparkles, is all you need.

The dress is light and flowy with a sequin top and lined skirt. The top is actually a separate part (you can lift it up a little) but it's still attached to the rest of the dress. It is very well made, I was really amazed by the quality.  I know that when shopping for formal wear, the prices can rise up quickly.
This dress shows that it's absolutely not necessary, it looks so expensive while it's actually quite fairly priced.

Now, off and away, to my fancy party! not really though


Nov 17, 2014

The 12 Ways of Christmas

With the Holiday season fastly approaching, were all in the phase of reaching into our closets, scouring the internet and looking up shops to find our perfect celebration outfits.

This time I decided to make this my new theme, with holiday outfit inspiration a whole month long! Starting on Nov. 21 until Dec. 20, you"ll find all the inspiration you need! Of course there will be lotsa glitter and dresses but I'll do my best to cover looks that everyone can draw inspiration from.

Between me and you, I'm slightly cheating with the title, because a lot of these looks are suitable for New Years' too :)

I hope you are just as excited as I am and remember, request and suggestions are always welcome!



Nov 10, 2014


I was feeling all kinds of rebellious when I opted for shorts, bare legs and sandals in the Fall. And although it may look cool and daring (ahem), it was actually not that cold, ghehe. I guess I'm trying too hard to be one of the "cool kids". Either way, when I saw these shorts I knew I wanted to rock them at least once before the real cold hits.

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