Jun 29, 2015

Life's a peach

So completely unintentional, I took a mini break from blogging. With the school year coming to a close it's busy at work, and then there's my awful allergies that get the best of me. I was either too tired to take pics or too messed up, beyond repair. Apart from that, Summer had a little setback here and it was raining a lot. Well, that's life. In between all of this I had a great time on my trip to Germany with Zizzi and some fellow bloggers, you might have seen some pics over on Instagram, but I will do a separate post on that soon. I just wanted to take the time to regain some of my energy and now, with only two weeks left before my 4 week (!) Summer break, I'm getting my mojo back!

This personal celebration calls for a fun and yummy color, so I took out this cute pair of skorts, which you've already seen here, and my new cape. And these shoes, how cute are they?!

I hope a lot of you can also look forward to a well deserved break soon, for now just hold on for a little while and enjoy your Monday!


Jun 8, 2015

Teal goodness

I actually wore this dress for my birthday dinner last Friday. I'm a sucker for sweetheart necklines, flowy skirts, embellishments, sheer AND lace so this dress was the answer to EVERYTHING!
I had a great day, apart from my allergies (hay fever) acting up. It was really hot that day and the food was great. If you follow me on snapchat, you probably have seen a small impression of the restaurant :)

Anyhoo, since I am not feeling my grade A self, I'm keeping it short. Enjoy your day loves!


Jun 5, 2015

Suit up

A power suit should be a wardrobe essential for every woman. A suit that fits well, looks great and you, and gives you that real boss girl feeling. Last year I had this all white suit, and this time, black and white is a great option. This suit is great for Summer, to wear to work, or in your free time. The fabric is light, so perfectly doable for warmer days.

Personal note:
By the time you get to read this, the day will finally be here: it's my birthday!!! I am glad and blessed to be able to add another year to my age (although I'm still scared of the big 3-0, but I have a whole year left to prepare for that). The weather prospects for today are the best so far for this year so that's already one great birthday gift in the bag! I love me some sunshine! :)


Jun 1, 2015

Hey June!

Heeeeeeey! My birthday month is here! Just 4 more days left and then I'll be one year shy from the big 3-0... I've spent the last two years preparing for that already. Of course there's nothing wrong with being 30, but to me it kind off feels like I HAVE to be a grown up by then. You know, all of a sudden you'll get invited to 30+ parties and stuff. You don't belong with the "youngsters" anymore. That's what kind of makes it hard to deal with for me. Please note, these are issues I personally have with myself, so please don't feel offended if you're 30 or over, lol. Y'all are NOT old! I'm just a little cuckoo I guess. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, you may have seen that about 2 weeks ago I discovered my first gray hair. Shit is about to get real! :/

Having said that, I couldn't be more grateful to actually be the age I am now, there are so many young people that could not even make that. I'm healthy, happy and blessed. And that's all that matters right?

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