Jan 25, 2016

Pink Bird

While I've seen pictures and videos of the east coast of the US being completely snowed in, I'm happy to say that the winter weather that tried to touch base here already disappeared again. Which gave me the perfect opportunity to take my new shoes out for a spin. You know, when you have a new toy, you just HAVE to play with it. For those of you in the more snowy areas, hang in there!

On another note, it's good to be back again! I caught a nasty flu that had me confined to bed for a week. I'm still not a 100% there, but it's good enough. The walls came at me and I just had to get out (and shoot some outfit pics of course ;)).

Jan 12, 2016

GabiFresh x Swimsexy 2016

The Queen of Bikini's is back! A brand new collection of bikini's available for you to shop right now!
As we all know, Gabi has a great collaboration with swimwear retailer Swimsuits for all. This is her 4th collection with them already and I have to say, the lady does not dissapoint (see last year's collection here). I still regret not getting the palm print one piece last year. I did manage to get me the black strapped bikini though :)

The general theme of this collection was "Queen of the Bikini", inspired by Cleopatra and Gabi did an excellent job at playing the part. I mean, look at that throne! :)
The collection consists of 12 suits and 2 cover ups. Only 8 suits are available to purchase right now, the other 4 should follow later (date unknown). Also good to know, especially for the busty ladies like myself, is that they have expanded cup sizes! The tops will be available in G/H cups now too.

For tips about the fit, please check out Gabi's post with a short explanation on that. For now, more pics below and happy shopping! Shop the collection here.

Jan 11, 2016

Fluffy cream

In a previous post I already disclosed that my go-to look for the season would probably be knit dresses combined with high boots. I wasn't lying :) I absolutely love the look. It's effortless but oh so cute and stylish.

Although the weather is still soft for this time of year, it's just about cold enough to wear high boots, coats and knits (I would actually rock this in spring too, lol). When I first stumbled upon this dress I had to have it but I was hoping for it to go on sale. It eventually did, so you see, sometimes good things come to those who wait. And sometimes, good things are sold out. But not this time luckily. I actually like how they styled the dress on the model on the site, they got the exact look I wanted to go for, it's like they read my mind.  I love it when that happens, to me it feels like a brand really understands what you're looking for. I think the coat was a nice addition to rest, by now you already know that I love clean, (almost) all white looks. Some snow in the background would have made it perfect but on the other hand, I'm not a snow kinda girl...

Enjoy your week,

Jan 8, 2016

HOW TO| 5 Places to find clean blog templates

New year, new look. If you've been thinking of switching things up a little, blog wise that is, it's sometimes hard to think of where to start. In my opinion, a professional looking blog is half the work. Keep in mind that if you're planning to take your blog to a more professional level, there's nothing wrong with investing in it a little as well ;) But I can imagine that not everyone has the funds to hire someone to design a personal lay-out for you (I know I don't, lol).

I personally like a clean, no nonsense look and I'm still very pleased with the changes I made to my blog last year. I've spent hours and hours online trying to find good pre made blog templates, both free and paid and to save you some precious time, I have listed a few places where you can get really nice blog templates, either for free or for a very good price. The only thing you have to remember with pre made blog templates, is that they're not unique; other blogs may use the same template.

So, here goes:

Jan 4, 2016

Fur trim

A happy new year to all of you! May your 2016 be filled with love, success and lots of fashion!
I'm excited to find out what this year has in store. As much as I have enjoyed my Christmas holiday, it's time to get back to work again (mehhh). But before that, I made sure to post my first outfit of the year. To each and everyone that has to get back to work again: you can do it! :)

Enjoy your week,

P.S.: This coat tho! <3
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