Feb 15, 2017


Everyone knows I've got a weakness for matching sets and suits. Even though this outfit is not really a suit, the pants immediately drew my attention and when I saw there was a similar trench coat that matched I just decided I would make it a suit. I love small details and additions that make a piece of clothing a little more special. It doesn't always have to be something fancy but just by adding some touches of black the items look much more interesting. I have mentioned before that I am a really big fan of ELVI, it's like they just know exactly what I like. The pieces are always of great quality and never disappoint. They really know how to bring classy, timeless, pieces.

Feb 13, 2017

SUPER woman

As women I think we all possess special abilities, whether you're already a mom, spouse, or just a woman or girl, girl power is real y'all. For myself, as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, blogger, employee and many more things, juggling with all these roles can be a hassle every now and then. That's why sometimes, you just need a little cape to remind you your super woman, haha. And if it can be incorporated in a pretty dress, even better. Once again landing you two other titles: sexy and heroic ;)

Make sure to remind yourself every now and then that every thing you do is SUPER!

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