Aug 28, 2017

Work mode

My holiday flew by like it was nothing. I'm the type of person that plans loads of stuff in her head but then in the end only does half of it because time went by so fast. For some reason, summer was in hiding during my time off, and just as I started to get back to work it came back. Isn't that great... Anyhoo, I think every woman is always preparing for a new season by collecting a few cute outfits and since I had no chance of wearing this dress during my time off, I went ahead and rocked this baby to work :)

Aug 24, 2017

Third time's a charm

When I tell you that once something is in my head, it's in my head. As was the case with this lovely jumpsuit. I wanted it so bad but it kept selling out in my size. I opted for a smaller size (what was I thinking right), and later that same day my actual size was back in stock. So in one take, I had two of the same pieces on their way to me. When they finally arrived, I tried my own size first. The sizing was waaaay off, it was so small. But like I said, once it's in my head, it's in my head. I tried one last time and sized up two sizes. Third time's a charm, this time it was perfect. The things we do for something pretty right? Have you ever had to order something more than twice to get it right?
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