Mar 28, 2014

Corporate Black and White

This outfit makes me feel like I just walked out of an episode of Scandal or Drop Dead Diva. So "attorney-ish"! :)

Mar 18, 2014

Striped Black and White

I never thought this day would come.. Me in a crop top!

Even though this top is oversized and not as "croppy" as most crop tops, this still is a major achievement for me. I've always loved seeing other bloggers like Naturally Fashionable or Gabifresh killing their outfits with them, but I guess I still had to find a perfect outfit for myself, in which I felt comfortable enough to try it too! So, what do you think?!

Next time, I'm going "croppy" all the way!! ;)



Mar 16, 2014

Click thumbnails below to visit the website!

So, my initial plan was to select a few pairs of black and white shoes but when I stumbled upon all these gems online I
 just could not pick (there's still a couple left out of this collage).  As I am an avid lover of heels, I did my best to try
and pick choices for everyone, by also selecting some cute flats. Tell me, which are your faves?


Mar 15, 2014

Zig Zag Black and White

This vest is everything! It's comfy, warm and stylish. What more do you need?!

March is going by faster than I imagined which is a) good, because we're getting closer to Spring and summer and b) not so good, because I still have lots to show you in my Black and White month! I just can't keep up with time but luckily I already have a few posts lined up, so stay tuned for more. For now, enjoy your weekend!

P.S. I recently noticed that this vest and my shoes have the same print, it was just meant to be! 

Mar 8, 2014

Floral Black and White

As I'm shopping my closet, putting together outfits for my Black and White themed month, I get pleasantly surprised sometimes. This dress is a great example. I got it a while back on sale (it's even cheaper now!) and it's so comfy, yet stylish. The stretchy fabric and the simple, but great design, make this dress a winner in my book. Enjoy your Saturday!

*Personal note: Today is our daughter's 3rd birthday. She was so excited! Can't believe how time flies. I still remember sharing my pregnancy news on this blog! She really is a blessing to have, she is such a happy, beautiful, funny little girl and we're grateful to God for having her in our lives. 


Mar 3, 2014

Ruffled Black and White

This dress is just a dream!

Ever since the Asos Black lookbook came out last year, I've been keeping an eye out for it to arrive online. It took a while, but it was worth the wait! Sometimes, I need a little "drama" in my life, and these ruffled shoulders did just the trick. With the subtle white/cream color within, this starts off my "Black and White month" perfectly!


Mar 1, 2014

This month on SMF...

Yes! After my Peplum month last year in September, I knew I wanted to do another themed month. This time I did not choose a certain style,
but a certain color combo, one of my favorite color combinations actually. Black and white is classic, trendy and yet, always in style. 
Just as last year, it will be (apart from the pastel colors) a great trend for Spring. So this month, only classic, black and white inspiration and looks.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

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