About Me

Hi there!

I'm Dionne, a forever 25-ish mom, wife and lover of all things fashion. Born and raised in Rotterdam, Netherlands, but currently residing in a small town near Rotterdam (I won't even bother telling you the name). Still working in Rotterdam though, at a University of Applied Sciences. Yeah. Has totally nothing to do with fashion... *sigh.

I'm a girly girl, that has always loved dressing up and all things pink, sparkly and cute. This blog is my personal space, in which I express myself by the way I dress. To me, style knows no age, race or size, and no one should ever limit oneself by one of these factors. Do whatever makes YOU happy!

Get to know me trough my fashion posts and feel free to send me a message, whether it is to just say hi or if you have any questions.

Y'all come back now!
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