Oct 28, 2015

Olivia Twist

Over the years, I have noticed that among my fashion addictions, there has always been one silent creeper. Something you're obsessed with, but you don't notice straight away until you find out you have a huge collection of them. In my case: coats. I adore them. Especially in the colder seasons, a coat can make a statement on his own, adding an instant upgrade to a "regular" outfit.

This coat is another gem I was lucky to find during a sale (even better!). It really gives me an Olivia Pope feel, I could totally see her wear this. Which in turn made me think of what to pair it with and I knew this green lace pencil skirt would be just great. I wanted to give it a sexy, unconventional twist and when I found this harnessbra I was sold. The element of surprise can be a great thing, and in this case, a fun way to spice up a dressy look.

I do have to admit that I hesitated to post this look as I felt that maybe it would be a bit too much. But after long consideration, I decided to own it ;)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Oct 26, 2015

The Bee's Knees

The time for knits, vests and boots is here. Today I wanted to show you an outfit with all these three elements in it. The boots were the biggest challenge because I figured it would be hard to find a pair that fits my calves. I do have to mention that my calves are not that big, since in very rare cases, I do fit "regular" sized boots and get to zip them all the way to the top (oh goodness, the feeling when that happens, ahhhhh). Anyway, there wasn't really a challenge, as it only took me a 5 minute haunt online to find a pair. Win! The boots are partially made out of a stretch material, so no zippers involved, which makes it even easier. Downside: they do tend to drop from time to time, and I'm not a really big fan of the saggy boots effect to be honest. In the pictures they look really saggy but it was not that bad in real life. All I know is that with some knee high boots, the season is starting to look far more interesting... ;)


Oct 21, 2015

The interview

You know the feeling when your closet surprises you? Imagine yourself turning your closet upside down, looking for something to wear, and then you find an old gem! It's like finding a 10 bill in an old pair of jeans, always a pleasant surprise. I got these items at the beginning of this year from Zizzi and although I did post the coat at that time, I actually never wore this as a matching set.

I recently applied for a new job (in house) and was looking for something to wear to my interview, while this look just popped in my head out of nowhere. I wore it to my interview and needless to say, I got the job! I figure my skills had something to do with me getting it but let's just say, presentation makes up for at least 20% ;) I'm excited to start soon!


Oct 14, 2015

Skirt day

If you follow me on Snapchat (supersizemyfash), you would have seen that last week I cleaned out my closet. I am sorting items to sell at the upcoming Shop my closet event on November 1st (yes Dutchies!) in Vught. Anyway, I noticed that I have so many skirts that I just don't wear enough, but I'm still not ready to part with them. So now, I have taken it upon me to wear skirts more often, even if though it's getting colder outside. Opaque tights are a perfect option to pair them with and I actually feel they bring their own charm to a look. Another thing is this coat...

A few weeks back I was invited to MS Mode's A/W 15 collection launch and boy was I pleasantly surprised! They have sooo many cute styles coming up this season! As I am a real sucker for coats, this one was one of my top picks. Faux leather biker jackets are always a win, whether Spring or Fall, and this collar was the deal maker for me. I actually wore this exact outfit to the event and the coat complimented the outfit so well that I decided to make a post with it. Paired with my all time favorite glitter boots I think it's safe to say this Fall outfit is a win!


Oct 12, 2015

All about the drapes

In my previous post I already went over the importance of a LBD and how to make it your own. Although this dress is not "officially" considered one, it is definitely a must have. A dress that suits all occasions, not too revealing but still sexy. From the office to party mode. Yes.

This dress is definitely winning in one department already: the draping accentuates or creates the illusion of a curvier figure and at the same time, it hides parts you don't want to draw attention to (don't get me wrong, you don't need to hide ANYTHING you don't want to, as long as you're comfortable).

Oct 5, 2015

HOW TO| Turn your LBD into a BBD!

We already know that every woman needs at least one little black dress in her closet. A dress that gives off a sexy edge, while remaining ever so classy. The key requirement or element for a dress to be a LBD according to me? It has to YOU. Because, let's be real, the best addition to any outfit is you. Your confidence, your sass, your smile. It has to bring out the best in you. It has to make you feel like the prettiest woman in the room, or at least the best dressed, lol. It could be a lace, tulle, sheer, off shoulder, ruffled, feathered, bedazzled, it can be just anything that suits your fancy. There are no rules here, just make sure that you feel your best in it. Turn that LBD into a Bomb Black Dress! How? Let me show you:

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