Apr 15, 2016


I love a good sporty casual look with a feminine touch. And it's always a joy to explore the depths of your closet and finding gems like this skirt set right here. I absolutely love this shade of blue and the pairing with gold. If you follow me on snapchat (supersizemyfash) you have seen these a lot already but these gold glitter sneakers are everything! One can never have too much glitter.

Apr 13, 2016

Ivory Goodness

This dress... This dress had me all up in my feelings the minute I saw it online. It is the perfect fancy dress, but not too fancy. Completely covered and all the way up to your neck, but still sexy. Very feminine and not too old fashioned. I'm sure you get the picture now ;)

All there's left to say now is: get it while you still can (link is under the last picture)!


Stylenote: I sized up when ordering this dress because it seemed this was a stiff, non-stretchy fabric. It actually is soft and the lining of the dress is made from stretch fabric. The lace layer is just fine, I could have ordered my own size for a slightly more hugging fit.

Apr 11, 2016


How lovely, having the sun shining full in your face! I can never manage to keep my eyes open (but on the other hand, I think no one can), which gives me an automatic "smize". Well, that saves me the trouble of practising in the mirror :)

Apr 6, 2016

Nude & Cream

This coat could easily pass for a dress. I love a good pinky powder coat and this one is soo soft! My mom actually thought this was a dress. With Spring in my mind, I had to grab a pair of shorts and I knew I wanted to keep a pretty, soft color palette. This co ord set immediately came to mind. Add these shoes I found for a steal et voilĂ !

Apr 4, 2016


This dress = LIFE. The print, two (!) splits and a lace up part? I can't deal. Take the price into account and it's almost to good to be true. ALMOST. ;)

This weekend's weather has been lovely, and I can't wait to wear this lovely again. If it wasn't for the lace up part, this definitely would have gone to work with me. Too bad, can't win them all.

Apr 1, 2016

Tux Luxe

For a while now, I have been searching for a tuxedo style dress, but could never find any. And then, all of a sudden, there it was! I can't honestly tell you how hyped I was. I do have to admit I would have liked it even better if it was a tad bit longer, but hey, you either DO sexy or you DON'T! Right ladies? Ghehe ;)
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