Oct 20, 2010


Hey gals (and maybe guys),

So sorry for my lack of posts, I've had a lot on my mind lately (in a good way!) and couldn't share this until now...

Let's just say that my 'Mighty Morphin' post inspired me so much, because, yes, I AM PREGNANT! YAY!
My husband and I are sooooo happy, and we have a lot of things to do. We are looking for a new house, buying baby stuff and so on... So that's why I have been neglecting my blog a little...

I'm due April 19th, so it will take a while before the little one arrives. What does this mean for my blog? I think it's a new challenge for me, to share how to look nice being pregnant AND plus sized!

I'm not showing yet so I can still wear what I usually wear. Haven't bought anything new recently, simply because I don't know how big I am going to get and since I will be 'bigger' all winter, I need to buy "wisely"....

Well, we'll see about that... ;-)

So glad to get this out now, I'll keep you posted!!

                                Our little one!

 This baby truly is a gift from God and we are so happy to be blessed this way.


Sep 10, 2010

Get nailed!!

I like customizing things once in a while, so I did my nails today, with my special Konad set! (please note I did different designs on my nails to give you more examples).

It's a fun way of giving your nails that extra 'umph', and it looks like you've put a lot of time and effort in doing your nails.

The Konad set consists of a scraper, stamp and an imageplate with different images on it. If you want to see how it works, check out this YouTube video!

Nail polish (basecoat): OPI - Alpine Snow

P.S: I won't be posting a look of the day this week, because I'm currently ill and I kinda look like crap these days.. hihi.. But it will be over soon (^_^)


Sep 8, 2010

Hello again!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry sorry sorry for my lack of posts lately. I've been so busy, back to work again, my summer holiday is over (whewhewhe)....Anyway, I'm back again so don't forget about me just yet!!


Aug 16, 2010

Review: Asos

First of all, sorry sorry sorry sorry for posting this review so late... I have no excuse...

Well, let's get started! (click the picture for a bigger image)

1. Asos Shoulder Pad Lace Bodycon Dress: I forgot to mention that I bought this dress in 'minty blue', because the black version was out of stock. I got this dress in a UK size 18. The dress is stretchy and comfy. It's made of this stretchy lace material and has an extra piece of fabric on the inside to prevent it from being all see trough. It also has shoulder pads. I do think the dress is a little short for me, so I'm not planning to wear this without a pair of leggings or some pantyhoses.

2. Asos Curve Woven Skater Skirt: I absolutely love this skirt! It's really lightweight and flowy. I got this skirt in a UK size 20. The skirt has an elastic band which makes it a perfect fit. I really love the lenght and color. It also has an extra piece of fabric sewed inside to prevent it from being see trough.

3. Asos 'Darling' Stretch Bracelet: This bracelet is so cute! Having said that I also have to admit that this bracelet is not a good choice if you have bigger wrists. Even though the bracelet is stretchy, it still is small. I think they could've added some more thread and pearls so it could fit everyone. I can just fit into it, and I understand that people don't want their jewelry to look like it's cutting off their blood-circulation... So yeah, it's nice but could've been better.

4. Asos Curve Linen Full Skirt: I'm sending back this skirt... I got it in a UK size 20 but it's too freakin' short! Asos is not to blame by the way, because the skirt looked just as short as it did on the website. But my personal experience with Asos Curve skirts is that they always look shorter on the model (I figured because they're taller than I am) than they really are on me. So I thought the same thing with this skirt... NOT. Maybe I'll exchange it for a bigger size so that I can pull it down a little. I couldn't even make a picture of the back of this skirt because my ass was showing, hahaha. Well, better luck next time.

Please note that all of these items were bought by me, I wasn't "sponsored" to do this (I wish! (^_^) ).
I will always state an honest opinion on everything I review.

If you have any requests, or if you would like me to do more reviews, just let me know and I will do my best. I plan on doing more reviews in the future. You can send me an email at supersizemyfashion@gmail.com.


Aug 14, 2010

Supersize that!!!

This "supersize that!" was requested by one of my lovely followers (^_^). They're high waisted polkadot shorts from Lipsy, also available at asos.com. I really like them a LOT... I have to say that Lipsy has a lot of cute stuff, here are some of my favorites:

from left to right:
Full mesh skirt 
- Lipsy loves Pixie Lott Animal Bandeau Dress
Contrast layered net skirt
Pleated belted one shoulder dress

Well, gotta stop dreaming now. Lipsy sizes only go up to a size 14 :-S (boehoeeeeee!)

Look of the day...

Kimono sleeve maxi dress - Asos Curve

Nail polish: OPI - You don't know Jacques!

P.S:  I will post my Asos review tomorrow! (^_^)

Aug 10, 2010

Mighty Morphin'!!!!

So, I was checking out Nikstar's blog yesterday (click the link to check out her blog, I love it!), and I saw that she 'morphed' her a beautiful daughter... Being the curious person I am, I thought I'd give it a try too...

And I have to say, the result is stunning! What a beautiful child! I wanna make me one of those right away! Check it out!

So Dionne + Giuermo (pronounced Gi-Yer-Mo, but let's just call him 'Jim' for short...) = Gorgeous child!
What do you think?


Look of the day...

White ruched shoulder vest - H&M
Aztec print jumpsuit - Torrid
Lace up sandals - New Look

Aug 7, 2010

Look of the day...

Floral ruched shoulder shirt/dress - H&M -Divided Line
Leggings - M&S
Lace up sandals - New Look
Orchid (in my hair) - H&M

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Aug 5, 2010

Please mr Postman??

So, I ordered a few things from my favorite online store in the world, ASOS!! I can't wait to get my package, I love getting packages (things I buy only) in the mail! Feels like Christmas, even though I know what's in it...

I should receive my stuff in the beginning of next week, the email said on or before Tuesday the 10th.. I know it has already been despatched, so please mr Postman, be nice and deliver it ASAP...

- Shoulder pad lace bodycon dress, €13,24
Woven skater skirt, €7,94
- 'Darling' stretch bracelet on pearls, €6,62
Linen full skirt, €6,62

P.S: If you're interested in one of these items, just click the links and you will be directed to them straight away! I will be reviewing these for you, so if you're not sure to order just yet, you can wait for my review!


Aug 4, 2010

Supersize that!!!

Aren't these trousers from Asos (of course, where else?) the cutest? Let's just pray they'll get them in the Curve line too...

Cocktail time!

Me and my lovelies went out for some drinks today, and even though it's "just a Tuesday" (weeknight) we're too Fab to care... hihi. Well, actually, we're all enjoying our summer holiday, that's why..

- Kiwi Tini
- Lychee Love u long time
- Mud slide


Look of the day...

Today I rocked my floral jumpsuit from Asos, I love it so much!

Floral jumpsuit - Asos Curve
Colour block tote- Asos
White cap sleeve jacket - Jens Fashion Plus
Lace up wedges - Axi Schoen (Dutch shoe store)
Pink bow Ring - Asos

Nail polish: OPI's Shrek Collection - Fiercely Fiona

Aug 2, 2010

In a cage...

My sister bought the cutest necklace at Asos, it's a bird in cage.

I just had to share!!



I was in Rotterdam today to do some shopping. I didn´t buy that much, but I came
home with some cute accessories!

First row: Silver Leaf necklace, Set of stud earrings, Owl necklace - New Look
Second row: Rose stud earrings - New Look, Ring - River Island

Nail polish: Essie - Mint Candy Apple

Look of the day...

Blazer Asos, Skinny Jeans M&S, Necklace Primark, Sandals New Look.

Aug 1, 2010

Supersize that!!

When I saw this jumpsuit at Asos, I was in love. There's just one thing. It's only available up to a size 18. And while I usually do fit a size 18 ( I'm a UK size 18-20/Us size 16-18/European size 46), I like my jumpsuits a size bigger. So uhm.. Asos, can I have that supersized?

Jul 31, 2010

Wish list!

What better way than to start this blog with a wish list? Here are some things that I gotta have in my closet soon!! As you can see, I'm really into the 'floral theme' this summer. It just looks so happy!

#1. Pearl corsage vest, New Look, £18
#2. Shoeoholic Bow tee, New Look, £14,99
#3. Floral Sequin Oxfords, Forever 21, $24,80
#4. Lace-up Sandal Heels, Forever 21, $27,80
#5. Black and Rose print tap short, Torrid, $24,98
#6. Rose-print Lace shoulder knit dress, Torrid, $54,00

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