Jun 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

YES! Finally! I turned a quarter of a century (June 5th), the big 2-5!! I really had a great day. I started the day with going to church, so I wore a pencil skirt, blouse and blazer. I "slipped into something more comfortable" when I got home, a colorful strapless dress that I love so much. Too bad the weather wasn't as lovely as the day before, boohoo! 

(Although I love that skirt it creases too much while wearing it, makes it look like I never iron the freaking thing!)

 Skirt - Torrid// Ruffled blouse - Asos// Blazer - H&M// Shoes - Asos// Watch - Asos// Bracelet - Asos// Necklace - Primark

 Dress - Asos Curve// Watch - Asos// Bracelet - Asos

I'm also happy to say that my parents got me the necklace I wanted from my 'Birthday wishlist' post! I'll upload pictures of that soon. And how's the Louis fund? Doing great, am almost there! I hope I can get me that bag by the end of this month. So yeah, thanks to my sweet husband, family and friends for making that possible!



  1. I have that dress and still haven't worn it smh! Looks great on you!!

  2. hope you had a great bday!love the last dress.xx


  3. I have this dress too, but i never wore it.
    You look great, thanx for the inspiration!

    -X- Naomi



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