Jul 31, 2011

Party in Rotterdam!

Picture courtesy of zomercarnavalrdam.web-log.nl

Every year, on the last Saturday of July, the Caribbean are brought to Rotterdam. A beautiful parade of people, of all ages, shapes, sizes and color, wearing the most colorful outfits while dancing and celebrating. That is 'Zomercarnaval' or roughly translated, 'Summer Carnival'. It's actually the same kind of carnival as in the Caribbean, but since their carnival is in wintertime (around February) and it's still cold out here, we have it in the summer.

I love the wide range of people involved in these festivities, it's shows that no matter where you come from, we can all have a good time together. Many cultures are represented and there is sooo many food and music of all kinds. Definitely a must see if you live in Holland!

Picture courtesy of innl.nl

Picture courtesy of vakantie.paginablog.nl

Picture courtesy of carnavalvieren.nl

Picture courtesy of antillen.blogo.nl

The party starts a day before the carnival, with the 'battle of the drums'.
I managed to shoot a quick video of a drumband on the night before the carnival. Check it out!

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