Apr 17, 2012

OOTD: Casual Monday

Anyone that says they like Mondays is crazy. Mondays are never fun. Getting up early after a weekend full of parties and sleeping in, no thanks. Fridays however, are better because you have the weekend to look forward to! I think we should switch and have a Casual Monday and create a 'Dressy Friday' instead! Not a good idea? No? Well, never mind, :-).

I decided to wear something bright, but still very casual to brighten up my day and I think it worked! By the time I got of work the sun was shining and that made me feel great.

Jacket - H&M// Blocked shirt - M&S// Jeans - Asos Curve// Shoes - Reebok// Bag - Alexander Wang



  1. threadinducedeuphoriaApril 17, 2012 at 2:47 AM

    Love those shoes!

  2. what a nice bag you have!! I love it!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

    Check on my latest post about a curvy model casting, I need your comment!

  3. OH NO U DIDN'T with the Wang bag! Love it and I love those pink shoes! Cute! Kiah

  4. Thank you! I don't wear them very often but when I do these bright colored babies always make me so happy!


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