Nov 7, 2012

OOTD: Animal printed


It's been a while since my last outfit posts, forgive me. I have to find another way to make outfit pictures since it's already dark by the time I'm off work and it's raining a lot too (and I'm not a big fan of shooting pics inside). Anyway, major welcome to all new followers on the blog and 'likers' on Facebook, it's much appreciated! If you happen to find the time, please vote for me for the "Navabi Curvy Blog Award 2012", I'm #3 on the list. I'm so excited for this competition! Off course I hope I win but to be real honest, I'm enjoying it anyway, it made me find a lot of new blogs to follow and read, which is fun too! To all contenders, best of luck!

Enjoy your day everyone,

Coat - New Look (last year)|| Blazer - H&M|| Body suit - Asos Curve|| Skirt - Torrid|| Tights - Forever21|| Boots -|| Bag - Alexander Wang



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