Jan 21, 2014

X-Two blogger event

Yesterday I attended a blogger event for X-Two, a Dutch plus size brand. 
Together with 7 other lovely ladies/bloggers we were invited for a High Tea and a tour around the headquarters of this brand. We were able to view their new and upcoming collections and give our feedback, and our overall standpoint was that we would love to see some "younger clothing". All of our feedback was really taken seriously and I look forward to what they might bring 
in the future! I chose to go for comfort and paired my all time favorite leggings with this spiked shirt and my "Dorothy" booties. They're part of my family, that's how much I love them! Oh, and see my turquoise socks? Yeah, I did that on purpose of course... :P

For a live impression of the event, check out Nefferth's video here.

Group shot with the other ladies!
Outfit info:
Top - Asos Curve (old)||Leggings - Asos Curve||Glitter boots - Topshop (old)||Necklace - Swarovski


  1. I like your outfit - very cute and stylish!! You and all the ladies look great. Good good too.:-)



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