Oct 20, 2010


Hey gals (and maybe guys),

So sorry for my lack of posts, I've had a lot on my mind lately (in a good way!) and couldn't share this until now...

Let's just say that my 'Mighty Morphin' post inspired me so much, because, yes, I AM PREGNANT! YAY!
My husband and I are sooooo happy, and we have a lot of things to do. We are looking for a new house, buying baby stuff and so on... So that's why I have been neglecting my blog a little...

I'm due April 19th, so it will take a while before the little one arrives. What does this mean for my blog? I think it's a new challenge for me, to share how to look nice being pregnant AND plus sized!

I'm not showing yet so I can still wear what I usually wear. Haven't bought anything new recently, simply because I don't know how big I am going to get and since I will be 'bigger' all winter, I need to buy "wisely"....

Well, we'll see about that... ;-)

So glad to get this out now, I'll keep you posted!!

                                Our little one!

 This baby truly is a gift from God and we are so happy to be blessed this way.


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