Aug 4, 2014

Copenhagen Safari

Do you know these dark moments in life where things are not going the way you want to and you worry about everything? Well, that was definitely my case a few weeks ago. It took me a lot of thinking and praying, and to be quite honest, I had to find my "Christian Reset Button" again. You know, when you feel you haven't been a "good Christian" lately, then something happens and you have to stop your earthly/human way of thinking and put all your faith and trust in God? It's so hard, but it has helped me to be positive again and to end my negative thinking. At one moment I just had to say enough, it's time for sunshine again! And boy, the sun has been shining! I'm so blessed and thankful for that.

My trip to Copenhagen for Zizzi last weekend was a great start to my again found, sunshine filled life, and I will post everything about the new collection and fashionshow on the blog this week, so definitely keep an eye out for that. But first, a long overdue outfit post to make up for lost times! I wore this to the Zizzi blogger event. I absolutely love this dress with a little African, Safari feel to it with the giraffes and everything. It's very comfy too! And what better color to represent sunshine than yellow? Right?!

Enjoy your new week lovelies,

Dress - River Island (here and similar here)||Sandals - H&M||Sunglasses - Ray Ban||Necklace - H&M

*Photo credit: Nefferth of Mode Plus 




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