Feb 12, 2015

Dear body, Happy Valentines day

This time a longer post than you're used to, but I need to get this of my chest. I've been meaning to do this for a while and due to recent events the time is now here.

On our way to Berlin, a few weeks ago, at Schiphol airport we (Iris, Els, Hermina and I) met an older woman while waiting in line to drop our luggage. She approached us and asked to watch her bag for a while. After she came back we were chit chatting with her. Then just, out of nowhere, she asked our names and said: "I got something for you, look." She handed each of us a flyer about "changing your life" and weight loss. Wow. How rude.

Is the word HELP written on my forehead? Do I look unhappy to you? Does my inside scream: "I wish I could look different or skinny, somebody PLEASE help!!"? No, no and no. The brutality of some people. Of course all of us were a little stunned by this. (May I add that the lady was also a "big woman"). Because unlike others, my mother DID teach me manners, I reviewed the flyer carefully and then asked for her name. After she told me I said: "Listen, I'm going to give this back to you because I'm not interested." She took back the flyer and said "Oh sure, ok, I justed wanted to share because it really helped me." Well, good for her. After that it was luckily my turn at the luggage drop desk and I never turned around again to look at her again.

Why do people do this? If I was really really skinny and a person would hand me a flyer about overcoming anorexia, wouldn't that be just as hurtful? Should I feel bad if I don't want to change? If I love the skin I'm in? I think not. I don't owe ANYONE an explanation for my happiness.
And sure, I, like every other woman have days where I'm insecure or feel less happy with myself. What can you do, those hormones can make you crazy! Lol. But seriously, I do feel at times that I should exercise more and focus on being healthy. And that is also fine, as long as it's MY decision and as long as it makes ME happy. This applies to anyone, whether skinny, fat or whatever.

This is why I'm dedicating this year's Valentines day, not to another person, but to me. To my body. To be thankful that I'm healthy and happy. That for almost (eek!) 29 years, "she" has taken great care of me. So, thank you body, for sticking with me through thick and thin (pun intended, lol, I'm so corny!). I hope all of you feel the same.

Recently, something else happened. A Dutch blogger, that collaborated with a Dutch brand and styled a pair of faux leather shorts three ways, got featured on the brands' Facebook page. What happened there was beyond ridiculous. She was beat down with so many mean, nasty and harmfull comments, ranging from "you should not wear shorts when you're fat" to "oink oink". Wow. And the most hurtful thing (in my eyes) of all.. Most of these comments came from women. FAT women. Women that know EXACTLY how it feels to be judged by the way you look, your weight or your size. People that long for acceptance by a "skinny community" but the fact is, these people are the ones keeping this alive. Bringing "your own" down like this, it makes me sick. We should learn that everyone should look however they want, skinny, slim, chubby, fat, whatever. It is no competition. We are all women who deserve to love ourselves and be happy the way we are, whatever that may be. This event led to us, Dutch and Belgian bloggers, to start a campaign to stop the body shaming and to show people that we can wear whatever the F.. we want. Els of XLFashionFile iniated it and collected pictures of us in shorts, with the hashtag #stopbodyshaming. Of course this campaign knows no borders, so if you support our movement, please use this hashtag when posting pictures. Fellow bloggers, feel free to join! Women need to start uplifting and empowering one another, not breaking others down. What do you gain by that? Absolutely nothing.

Wow, I'm glad I got that out of my system! Enjoy your Valentines Day loves.



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