Mar 16, 2015

JUNAROSE jeans guide

Whatever your body type, finding the perfect jeans can be a real challenge. What type of jeans suit you best? Are you a skinny, flared or bootcut kind of girl? This time I'm bringing you JUNAROSE'S jeans guide, to help you find the perfect pair!

Here's what JUNAROSE designer Nanna Dahl Knudsen had to say about their jeans:

 "The technical details of designing a pair of jeans are always important. Denim is an excellent fabric, but when making a pair of jeans for a plus-size girl, the technical aspects are even more important. This is why we test everything we make. We need to know about the fit, but we also need to know how the seams will work when the jeans are worn. Just one example is that the length of the crotch in a pair of jeans for a plus-size woman is more complicated to figure out, since the jeans must not slide down at the back when she sits down. We want to make our customers even more confident and make them feel even better when they wear JUNAROSE, so every little detail is carefully considered."

JR BIRD: The coolest pair of jeans in the collection, the "Bird" model, is always a part of the JUNAROSE range. This model is cut a little lower at the waist than other jeans in the collection, and has more edge as well. This season, tears at the knees and a light black wash both signal the right connotations of the punk era which has inspired so many of the catwalk looks, and will feel just right for a bit of punk and rebel attitude thrown inte the style mix.

JR FIVE: A classic pair of skinny jeans, which are always part of the JUNAROSE collection. The skinny jeans are slimming and figure hugging and a favourite among JUNAROSE customers. This season, the 3/4 length is perfect for Spring, showing off the ankles and looking hot with a pair of heels. The light grey wash will compliment the colour palette of Spring and give a high-end fashion touch to any look.

JR YORK: York jeans by JUNAROSE offer a high waist and a slim fit on the hips. The jegging-style jeans are cut in soft fabric, washed in an edgy stone wash. The tight-fitting jeggings can be worn with voluminous tops, as well as with tighter fitting pieces for a cool, young look.

JR JESSIE: The boot cut is back! And even though it sometimes seems hard to imagine turning to anything other than a pair of skinny jeans, JUNAROSE customers have made this cut a bestseller. Balancing out the hips, creating the longest lest since the invention of denim, the boot cut and Jessie jeans ar both a fashion marvel. This season the wash is a crisp light blue, with an extra worn effect on the hips to create even longer, slimmer legs.

JR QUEEN: Although JUNAROSE has not been around for many seasons yet, the QUEEN jeans are already an evergreen: Medium in waist, slim in fit and in a generously soft and comfortable denim, these jeans are made to be lived in. The jeans come in many washes and colours each season, and have become one of those stable fashion pieces, you can't image going through a season without.

So, which ones are typically you?



  1. wow, wat handig dit! ik vind vooral de five jeans erg mooi!
    x Elise

    1. Ja super handig hè! Ik vind die ook erg mooi :)


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