May 15, 2015

Flying kites

With the weather improving more and more, it's fun to do things outside. A few days ago, my husband came home from work and spontaneously said: "Let's go kite flying". Since the sun goes down very late these days, and my daughter and myself were enjoying our May break (meaning, it's okay for her to stay up late from time to time) we thought it was a great idea. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing, but not too hard. Just perfect. 

My daughter enjoys it a lot and I have to say that "playing outside" with a kite has been a while ago for me, I can't even remember. While busy working to get my kite in the air, my husband took a few quick snaps of my outfit. This dress looks both chic and sporty, and it's so comfortable. I love the lace hem. 

Anyhoo, with Summer coming up, I enjoy the fact that there's still fun things to do after a long day of work, and that the weather is usually still great. Apart from that, I live in a highly recreational area, meaning a small beach and also woods are only 5 minutes away from where I live. Guess now you understand why I love Spring and Summer so much, eh? :)

Enjoy your Friday!!

Dress - c/o JUNAROSE



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