Sep 9, 2015

REVIEW| Wooden Luxury

Accessories are always a fun way to help compliment your outfit. You can either keep it simple (like I usually do) or go completely over the top and let the accessories speak for the rest of the look. Something that will definitely suit your everyday looks as well as the more special ones, is a watch. Just like any accessory or piece of jewellery, watches come in so many varieties, but this one really caught my attention: a watch made out of wood! It's something I've never seen before and honestly, when I think of wood, watches are not the first thing that come to mind - and no, I did not mean that in a dirty way ;)

I had the opportunity to try one out and I was definitely not disappointed! There were so many styles to choose from, from more ladylike and classy to masculine and 'bulky' versions. Darker and ligher colors, you name it. I opted for a classic watch with a glamorous touch: it's a maple wooden wrist watch with a rose gold plate, inlayed with Swarovski crystals. Kinda fancy huh? Yeah, I thought so.

The watch is handcrafted, eco friendly and feels secure. The wood has a nice finish to it, it feels smooth. It also feels very comfortable, it's not heavy and it's easy to use. Presentation is key and as you can see from the picture above, JORD really has that down. I received the watch in a beautiful, solid wooden box (I could still smell the typical wood scent). I actually store the watch in the box every time I take it off, but the box is also very handy for storing small jewellery, etc.

And if you have been paying close attention, you would have already seen it featured in a couple of outfits:

Due to it's neutral color palette, it's great to pair with just about anything!

So in conclusion:

- The packaging is neatly and carefully done. Looks good too.
- Shipping was fast, they offer free shipping worldwide!
- Works like a charm.
- Great service, you can have your watch sized before they ship it out to you!

I honestly cannot detect any downsides. I think it could also be a great gift! Just a quick side note: I had the watch sized before shipping out but I took my measurements wrong (typically me), so I had to have it resized. Since the wood is so delicate, I did not know if it was possible but luckily, any jeweller should be able to (re) size it for you if necessary :) 

Wooden Wrist Watch
Watch - c/o JORD Wood Watches. I'm wearing the "Sydney series" in Maple & Rose Gold.
This post was done in collaboration with JORD. All opinions are my own.


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