Jul 18, 2017

Chapter 31

Edit: This post has been sitting here since my birthday (June 5). I forgot to actually publish it. Figures. :)

And just like that, another year has come and gone.
When it comes to me, I have had to come to terms with a lot of things. One in particular, is how demanding I am towards myself. I have really high standards and I push myself too much because of it. This is not something new to me, but accepting that I can't always be on top of my game definitely is. Take this blog for example. It will always remain a hobby of mine, but sometimes I did pressure myself. I needed to perform well at work, be a good wife and mother, and make sure to post at least three times a week. That last part did not always work out, and I used to beat myself up about it. And the worst thing, who really asked me to? *Quietly raises one hand* Me. Why? Does it make me a better person? Sometimes the biggest obstacle in life can be you and your stubborn way of thinking. It can actually limit you from being genuinely happy.

Having been promoted at work recently (yasss God!), and the extra work that comes with that, made that for a while, I had to choose. I had to learn that I'm only human and that even though I want to, not everything goes the way I'd ideally like to see it. Hence, my online absence. I'm still looking for a way to combine all of it while living a wonderful life with my family. We'll see.

Having said that, I really look forward to a new year, filled with new lessons. Because what I definitely DO know; you're never too old to learn. ;)

Dress - Asos (from the Tall line, I'm wearing a US 14)||Shoes - New Look



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