Mar 2, 2018

Navy Stripes

I would like to start this post by saying kudos to me! While taking this pics, it was freezing y'all. And I think my face held up nicely, don't you think? While writing this, there's actually a thick layer of snow outside... Come on man, did the weather forget it's March already? I need to see signs of spring, beautiful daffodils coming out, baby animals and all that type of stuff. Not this. *Rant over*

Anyhoo, for some reason, I am very much drawn to any piece of clothing with stripes or polkadots, so be prepared to see that more often in the coming weeks/months. This sort of pintstripe, navy blue look is something I love to wear on rotation, you can never go wrong with stripes in my opinion. The top is actually a longer button up shirt dress type of thing, but I wanted to wear it with the pants and decided to make it an off-shoulder look, because once again, anything off-shoulder is hawwwt. Both pieces would like great seperately as well.

Keep me in your prayers while I struggle to shoot some more looks in this winter cold!

Shirt & Pants - c/o Yours Clothing||Shoes - New Look (old)


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