May 27, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen... I got it..

So, Antwerp was a lot of fun. Too bad I couldn't find my camera so I didn't get to take any pics (boohoo!). When I got home I looked just right at it, it was on my bookshelf all the time! Why do you always find what you were looking for when it's too late?! Well, although I did not buy much during my trip I did find the thing I really wanted: the blue blazer from the H&M high summer collection (see my 'cobalt..' post)! There were only three left and one of them was just my size! Lucky me! I also bought two new nailpolishes, a light blue color and a green one. Next time I'll bring a big bag o' money so I can really shop! - As soon as I win the lottery ;-)


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