May 10, 2011

Quick OOTD

So, here's a really quick outfit post. Please don't mind the crappy quality of the pictures, couldn't find a "photographer" today so I took them with my phone... Anyway, back to the outfit.. I really loooove this dress, it's so cute with the big bow. It's the first time I wore this, it has been in my closet for ages, even before the pregnancy. The funny thing is that I couldn't fit into it before I was pregnant, (it was too small) but now I can! How? I hear you ask. Believe it or not, but I didn't gain a single pound during my pregnancy, instead I lost almost 20 pounds! Weird huh? Well, kinda liking this type of 'weird'... So, when I want to lose some more weight, I'll stick to the 'pregnancy diet'!

As you may have noticed already, I cut my hair.... I had to because my hair was really unhealthy, so I'm hoping it will grow back healthier. It was even shorter but it's already growing back. I do miss my longer hair sometimes, but I kinda like this too (^_^)!


 Dress - H&M//Necklace - Primark


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