Nov 5, 2013

Work vs Play Pt I: Pencil skirt

Introducing this month's project! My blogger buddy Nefferth (of Mode Plus) and I wanted to do a collab together. Nefferth is a fellow "Dutchie" and a total sweetheart. She's an "Emotionista" with a love for vintage and her style is cute but completely different from mine. Since we have a different style of dressing, we thought it would be fun to "spot the differences"  and inspire each other while styling a similar item. So this month, every Tuesday, you will see an item we picked, styled for "work" and "play". This week, the pencil skirt! For Nefferth's take on this weeks item, please visit her YouTube channel.

*Much to my chagrin the weather has been dreadful so I had to snap these pics inside. Better luck next time!

Next week: Skinny jeans!

Shirt - Stolen from hubby
Pencil skirt - Forever 21
Leopard heels - Asos (old)

Top - H&M
Pencil skirt - Forever 21
Glitter wedges - Asos (old)

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