Nov 16, 2013

Zizzi Bloggers Event

This week I attended a bloggers event for Zizzi. I had a great time! There were delicious food and drinks and of course, fabulous clothes! Zizzi is a Danish plus size fashion brand that caters to European sizes 42 - 54 (UK sizes 14 - 24 or US sizes 10 - 22). Their motto is "We Looove Curves" and I couldn't agree more. The clothing that was shown gave me the feeling that they really cared how plus size women look. Maybe it sounds strange to you but some brands give me the feeling they just want to make a quick buck, so they pull out a tent from somewhere, put some flowers on it and they're done. But not with Zizzi. With Denise Bidot as the face of their campaign they really nailed it. Oh, and they sell great shapewear too!

At the moment Zizzi only has a webshop in Denmark, but there are plans for expanding their online store in the future. You can however, shop the brand on Navabi (I did not see anything of the new collection there yet). Zizzi has two stores in the Netherlands, in Amersfoort and in Delft. So my fellow Dutchies, check them out whenever you're in the area! You can also subscribe to Club Zizzi to be notified on great deals and get a 20% discount!



  1. This looked like a great event, the fashions were great. I love the jump suit and the black dress with the white trim.

    Carsedra McKoy of:

    1. Yes, it really was a great event! There were so many more cute clothes, hope to show you more soon!


  2. Love the look of the store and the clothes shown! I hope it becomes available online soon! :D

    1. Yeah I hope so too! I did hear you can purchase Zizzi online through Navabi... :)


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