Feb 3, 2014

Accept No Rules!! #Zizzi

Accept No Rules! If you like it, wear it! We  curves! A couple of phrases from Zizzi's "Accept no rules" Campaign. 
I absolutely love it! I had the honor to be invited by Zizzi to come to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend
their blogger event and fashion show. Together with Nefferth, Els and Edith we flew from 
Amsterdam to Copenhagen for a weekend filled with fun and Zizzi fashion.

The fashion show was such a positive and uplifting experience, with so many beautiful, happy models dancing and smiling on the runway.
A lot of prints, mixing and matching were a key element in the show. My personal favorites were the black trench coat, the
houndstooth and the leopard coat, and the snake skin printed skirt. The music was great, the party was great, my fellow bloggers
 were great and most importantly, the cocktails were great! :)

With that being said, there's only one thing left for me to say: I salute you Zizzi, for doing such a great
job in showing curvy women that they can wear whatever they want and should accept no rules!

*All pictures are property of Ball Group press photos

*P.S.: For more, visit www.acceptnorules.com
*P.S.P.S: My Copenhagen picture diary will be in a separate post.


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