Feb 4, 2014

Copenhagen photo diary

Photo from Wikipedia.
I'm still bouncing up and down with excitement from last weekend. It was soooo much fun! Zizzi invited me and other bloggers from the 
Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Denmark, to come to their show in Copenhagen and boy, was it great!

Day 1: The travel
Our flight was scheduled for 18.40 (6.40 PM) but had a 20 minute delay. No worries, Nefferth and I were enjoying ourselves!
After the shortest flight I've ever had in my life, we took a taxi to the hotel, which was perfectly located; in the midst of the
shopping center! Since it was already late when we finally got to the hotel, we opted for a chique diner at McDonald's ;), and
 went to bed afterwards.

Day 2: Blogger Event, Fashion Show and Party
The day started with the blogger event where we got to meet our fellow bloggers from various countries and view the new
Fall/Winter collection, and as as surprise, we got to see the Holiday collection as well! I can promise you, there are some
great pieces coming up!

After meeting with Zizzi's design team, we got to go backstage to see the models in action, rehearsing for the fashion show.
We shot a quick fragment for Zizzi's Accept no rules video and had fun with the photobooth!
I also got to pick some great clothes from their Spring/Summer line, you'll see them in several outfit posts from time to time :)

Group photo via Rikke Klint of Sticky Sweet Danish

After the blogger event, we got back to the hotel to change for the party and grab a bite to eat. With such a large group of all
fabulous ladies, we had to rush to get all glammed up, eat, and arrive at the fashion show in time! The fashion show was so much
fun to watch (from my "front-row" seat, gheghe) and Danish singer Nabiha performed during the show. DJ Nikoline Toft
 played some great remixes, mojito's everywhere.... Wow. Can't wait to do this all over again!

Day 3: Randomness
This day was all about sleeping in until check-out at the hotel. After that, I met up with some of the other fabulous bloggers
I met during this weekend. We had some brunch and after that, it was time for me to head back to the hotel and get to the airport :(
I also did some shopping and found some cute things (more on that later).

This Danish ATM was too funny: in Dutch, "SLET" means "SLUT". I just had to snap a pic! :)


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