Aug 5, 2015

Back to Black

With just a few more days left on my holiday calendar, I have to try and adjust back to working mode again (noooo). Four weeks fly by within the blink of an eye (hey that rhymes!). Last week the hubs, mini me and I went on a mini vacay, hence the lack of outfit posts last week. We had fun, we visited the zoo, went swimming, amusement parks and so on. Man, that makes a parent tired as hell I tell you. And my mini me still has energy left for days. Really, I don't know how they do it.

I tried to stay connected via snapchat but the hotel's wifi was sooo lousy. I literally had to sit in the hall one night just to be able to watch my show on Netflix, and I already used all of my own internet :/. I felt a little disconnected from the world and I did not like it ONE bit. Shows how much of an addict I am, that's not a good thing right?

Well, anyway, wish me luck on adjusting back to regular life and enjoy the rest of your week!

P.S.: Yes, I know that little loop thingy on my outfit is showing, but hey, life sucks sometimes ;)

Jumpsuit - New Look (or via Asos)||Jacket - Forever21+ (old)||Shoes - Zara (old)



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