Aug 17, 2015

Boss Lady

What brings the "boss" vibe better than a pinstripe suit? I tell you, Zizzi makes the best suits, see two previous ones here and here. It can be worn in various ways and due to the jacket being a little kimono like, it can be mixed to the max! This lady wanted to add a little sexy vibe in contrast with the suit this time. It's times like these that I wish I had a smaller cup size, just so I could rock these type of styles bra-less. What a dream that would be (not the smaller cup size, the bra-less part, lol). I tried to pair it with my Bye Bra tapes that I reviewed exactly a year ago today (what a coincidence!) but the girls weren't feeling it, they did not sit the way I wanted to :\

Either way, I added a bra in a navy type color to match with the suit, I think it's good enough for now, until they invent something for us Tig 'ol Bitty girls. Well, you can't always win 'em all...

Enjoy your week!

Jacket & Trousers - c/o Zizzi Black Label||Bodysuit - Boohoo Plus||Shoes - New Look (old)

This post was done in collaboration with Zizzi, all opinions are my own.



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