Jan 12, 2016

GabiFresh x Swimsexy 2016

The Queen of Bikini's is back! A brand new collection of bikini's available for you to shop right now!
As we all know, Gabi has a great collaboration with swimwear retailer Swimsuits for all. This is her 4th collection with them already and I have to say, the lady does not dissapoint (see last year's collection here). I still regret not getting the palm print one piece last year. I did manage to get me the black strapped bikini though :)

The general theme of this collection was "Queen of the Bikini", inspired by Cleopatra and Gabi did an excellent job at playing the part. I mean, look at that throne! :)
The collection consists of 12 suits and 2 cover ups. Only 8 suits are available to purchase right now, the other 4 should follow later (date unknown). Also good to know, especially for the busty ladies like myself, is that they have expanded cup sizes! The tops will be available in G/H cups now too.

For tips about the fit, please check out Gabi's post with a short explanation on that. For now, more pics below and happy shopping! Shop the collection here.

Pictures courtesy of GabiFresh and Swimsuitsforall



  1. I love the black dress you had on 2015 Christmas, where did u get it from I need that

  2. All hail the Queen of bikini, super :)
    I gotta get one of these for my gf, or may be all of em !

  3. All hail the Queen of bikini, super :)
    I gotta get one of these for my gf, or may be all of em !
    More Information

  4. I lovvvve the purple high waist bikini and the purple matching cover up for it!


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