Jan 8, 2016

HOW TO| 5 Places to find clean blog templates

New year, new look. If you've been thinking of switching things up a little, blog wise that is, it's sometimes hard to think of where to start. In my opinion, a professional looking blog is half the work. Keep in mind that if you're planning to take your blog to a more professional level, there's nothing wrong with investing in it a little as well ;) But I can imagine that not everyone has the funds to hire someone to design a personal lay-out for you (I know I don't, lol).

I personally like a clean, no nonsense look and I'm still very pleased with the changes I made to my blog last year. I've spent hours and hours online trying to find good pre made blog templates, both free and paid and to save you some precious time, I have listed a few places where you can get really nice blog templates, either for free or for a very good price. The only thing you have to remember with pre made blog templates, is that they're not unique; other blogs may use the same template.

So, here goes:


Platforms: Blogger & Wordpress
Price range: $49 - $59

Let's start with where I got my own template. Pipdig is a professional website designing company, with loads of stylish and clean templates. The templates are super easy to install and if you do happen to experience some problems, their customer service is there to help you out. They also offer a free installation service if you'd rather have a professional working on your blog.

I'm very pleased with them and honestly, if I were to switch up my blog lay out again, they will be the first place I visit ;)


Platforms: Blogger & Wordpress
Price range: $15 - $25

Etsy is also a great place to look for blog templates (it's a great place to look for literally EVERYTHING!). Although I have no further experience with this shop, the templates look really nice and the prices, oh wow! If you would like to have the template installed, a fee does apply.


Platforms: Blogger
Price range: $0 - $30

I recently stumbled upon this website and the great thing about it is that you can choose how much to spend! You can either download the template for free (which still has the credits of the website at the bottom) or buy it for $6,95, which means the credits can be removed, or buy the complete package of install, template and customer support. The choice is yours!

4) My Blogger Themes

Platforms: Blogger
Price range: Free

Free is the word here. All templates on this website can be downloaded for free. I'm not sure if that has to do with credits just as with the previous website but I guess it can never hurt to try.

5) Gooyaabi templates

Platforms: Blogger
Price range: Free

This website is filled with TONS of blogger templates, from minimalistic to more colorful. I bet you will be able to find what you're looking for here!

- Always make sure to check out the live preview of the template first to see if it's really to your liking.
- Always back-up your own blog template before trying a new one. In case it fails, you can easily restore your blog to its old look. You can do so by clicking the backup/restore button at the top right of your blog in the "template" menu.

I hope you liked this post and helped you on your way to a new blog look. I will try to do more blogger information posts and tutorials. If there's something you're dying to know or you would like to see a post about, be sure to let me know and I'll do my best.

Disclaimer: Apart from the pipdig templates, I haven't tested the templates and cannot review them on customer service, easy to install and other problems that may or may not occur. I am not to be held responsible in case something goes wrong with installation or downloading for each of these templates.



  1. Love this I've been searching like crazy this past week. And I never thought about Etsy. thanks love ..

  2. Love this I've been searching like crazy this past week. And I never thought about Etsy. thanks love ..


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