Aug 17, 2014


When I was approached by the people at Bye Bra to test their product, I was happy to try. I had never seen a product like it and I, being a top heavy girl, was more than curious to see if it would work. I mean, how great would it be to finally walk the streets free and bra less? Sounds quite amazing right? Strapless, backless tops and dresses without a care in the world. Almost too good to be true isn't? Or is it? Behold, my review on Bye Bra..... *insert drumrolls and dramatic music here*

First off, Bye Bra, what is it?
- Bye Bra is Dutch label that produces a strapless, adhesive breast tape which allows you to go through life bra less. It offers you the opportunity to wear backless, strapless and plunging styles without the need of a bra. Apart from that it is also water proof which makes it even possible to wear under your bathing suit or bikini!

There are two types of this product, one with silk nipple covers (which are non re-usable) and one with silicone nipple covers, that can be re-used. One pack contains 6 sheets of tape, so enough for three wears, and the silk or silicone nipple covers.

How does it work?
- The adhesive tape is made from a unique 3M adhesive tape and consists of two parts; you place the first on your breast and then by lifting up your breast, stick the second part. For a more visual instruction, see a video HERE. Be warned, there is nudity in the video! (Nothing you haven't seen before but hey, just warning you in case you are at work reading this post ;))

Yeah this is surely something for smaller breasted women..
- Quite the contrary; Bye Bra offers a wide range of sizes, namely A-C cup, D-F and F-H.

So now that I've shared some vital information on the product with you, on to my own experiences.

According to Bye Bra, you should be able to wear the tape all day (max. 8 hours), so I took the liberty of doing so. The first thing I noticed is that the tape is very thin and folds over very easily (making it stick to the other parts of tape) so patience and precision is required. I did not have problems taping the first part but when it was time to "pull up the boob" and stick it to my chest it got a bit harder. It did stick, and my breast were DEFINITELY lifted, but the tape looked all wrinkly and the sides were a bit loose, but that has to do with the shape of my breast. Apart from that, the tape was very high on my chest, making it impossible for me to wear a strapless dress without the tape showing at the top.

The second thing I thought: "HA! This looks so weird!" (I will spare you the visual image)
I was actually going outside to run some errands and thought, what the heck, with my Bye Bra on, I only have to put on a shirt, so I did. The problem was, my breasts looked very "taped" through my shirt. Because of this, I had to succumb to the power my bra still holds over me and wear it anyway. I did leave the tape on, to test it on durability. It did stick for a couple of hours, but it was kinda hot outside and since I'm a "boob sweater" the tape eventually came off. I was lucky to be back home again when it did!

My verdict? Wonderful concept, but not for me unfortunately. And I feel so bummed, because I was really hoping this product would be the answer to all my strapless outfits. It was definitely worth a try though.

I'm not trying to completely write this product off since the tape really did hold up my boobs for a few hours and hey, that alone is a wonderful achievement. Having said that, I do believe this product works, but it really depends on the size AND shape of your breasts. So if you're still curious, I do suggest you give it a try. In my case, holding them up alone wasn't enough to do the trick.

So to sum it up for you:

- Lifts the breasts, even large cups, just as it promises
- Feels secure
- Comfortable to wear
- Stays on for a long period of time

- Although waterproof, does come off if you sweat, so not helpful during those warm days.
- Breasts look "taped" through clothing and thus, missing it's purpose

My rating:

INTERESTED? You can purchase Bye Bra HERE

*All reviews are 100% my own opinion.




  1. I've read about this product and as I thought it wouldn't be for me. I'm a G cup and I imagine the shape of my moobs would be really weird. It must be a great solution for smaller breasts though...

    1. I think it's a wonderful solution for smaller breasts and still, the tape really worked! It held up my breasts perfectly, the only problem I had was that it was visible.

  2. Hey Dionne!

    Just wondering...sorry to even ask really, could you share your bra size? I can't find any information about what size to buy. I'm always a little dubious about the sizes offered on any website; I'm a 36 F - which lies between the bye bra's two larger sizes. Should I just go for the larger F+ to be safe?

    1. Hi! I'm a G cup. 36 G I think, I'm not sure because European sizing is slightly different. I think F+ would be best.


  3. I have a question after having 3 kids my breast isn't how it use to me & I really want to try this product. I'm a D cup & I was wondering would it really give me the lift that I'm looking for?

  4. The fabric is properly sewed so underwires do not protrude and scratch your breast skin. They also have ample cup to properly cover the breasts, especially if they are quite large.Fly Bra


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