Sep 7, 2016

Off the Grid

I'm sneaking in my last few summer styles before fall is officially here. I'm definitely getting better in keeping my all white looks clean throughout the whole day, practice really makes perfect I guess! Yay me! This old biker jacket is still a favorite of mine, I'm so happy I got greedy and got one in black too :)
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Sep 2, 2016

Fairy Trails

There's this thing with capes and trails that just make me feel like my own kind of superhero. Invincible, but in a fashionable way. If you would have seen my face while I was walking around in this fierce beauty, you would have laughed so hard. I could not keep a straight face. With every step I took, that cape was flying everywhere. I felt like royalty and my smile was from ear to ear. At that moment, that sidewalk was my runway. Yaaaas!

Aug 31, 2016

Back in lime

You can't go wrong with neoprene/scuba fabric. It's stretchy, super soft and comfortable.
I picked up this skirt while I was in New York and it was a steal! It was marked down for $14, so needless to say, it had to come with me. While browsing my closet for a top to pair it with, I actually liked my bikini top best and hey, why not? With all these cute swimwear options nowadays, it's a waste to save them only for the beach. Right? :)
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