May 30, 2016


I love when you can get the most out of a dress. When it's versatile, and can be switched up. I guess that's why multi-way dresses were invented (I have yet to get me one!), but this is also a nice option. A dress that comes with a detachable top so that you can either choose to wear it as a strappy dress, or not. I like both ways actually. It's hardly noticable in the pictures unfortunately, but the dress is an icy blue color, with a subtle snake skin pattern. It's all in the details; things that are not always obvious, but add to something in a great way.

By the way: if you look closely, you will still be able to see some henna on my hand, from my friend's wedding. I absolutely loved it!
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May 20, 2016

Hats High

Let's not forget about hats! Hats come in so many varieties and a floppy sun hat adds a certain sophisticated-ness to a look. Any look for that matter, but very cute with a nice dress. For some reason I don't wear hats that often, even though I love them. I guess it's the sloppy girl in me that,
when taking the hat off for a while, will leave it lying everywhere and ends up losing it :/ I just can't help myself. But, if you're totally not like me, definitely do it!

May 18, 2016

Something Blue

Let's spice up this wedding season with some color right? A pretty blue always does the trick. Last week's weather also had me feeling a little blue. We went from warm, sunny weather to cold and rainy all within one day's time. Don't let that steal your shine though! Even when planning/attending a wedding in May with higher chances of great weather, there's always the possibility of not so great weather (at least here in the Netherlands). It can be unpredictable at times but in the end it's the love that counts. And just remember, marriages also have sunny days and rain from time to time, as long as the love comes out on top, everything will be just fine! :)
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