Nov 21, 2017

Fall Perfection

I love to match, I'm a sucker for a nice suit. When I saw this one coming along, I instantly felt Fall vibes. Of course, this suit would look great in any season, but the color combination is just perfect for now.

Sep 13, 2017


This dress combines so many elements I love: a wrap model, the nice blush color and a split to put some leg action in there. Other great detail: I got it 50% off! For some reason, sales always make items even prettier in my eyes (I guess that's the whole thought behind throwing sales but okayyy). I figured this dress would be a great one to end the summer season with, while we all make way for fall styles to enter (or resurface) our wardrobe.

Aug 28, 2017

Work mode

My holiday flew by like it was nothing. I'm the type of person that plans loads of stuff in her head but then in the end only does half of it because time went by so fast. For some reason, summer was in hiding during my time off, and just as I started to get back to work it came back. Isn't that great... Anyhoo, I think every woman is always preparing for a new season by collecting a few cute outfits and since I had no chance of wearing this dress during my time off, I went ahead and rocked this baby to work :)
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