Mar 25, 2015


(image via Ajay Rochester Twitter)

So I've noticed the #droptheplus hashtag is popping up everywhere. While investigating it further I stumbled upon the news that Australian model,  Steffania Ferrario, wants to see the label "plus size model" eliminated. She posted this picture to her Instagram and joins former The Biggest Loser Australia host Ajay Rochester to support the #droptheplus movement. She feels labeling women like herself as "plus size" could be damaging towards the minds of younger girls that can struggle with insecurity.
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Mar 23, 2015

Spring transition

It's finally time for Spring coats again! And I can already predict that this one will be worn a lot. It's a classic type of coat, great for workwear but also cute with more casual looks. When wearing it in a casual way, it gives an instant upgrade to the rest of the outfit, because of the classy look, fabric and pattern.  I paired it with this sweet, cream romantic lace top for a "transitioning to Spring" look.


Mar 16, 2015

JUNAROSE jeans guide

Whatever your body type, finding the perfect jeans can be a real challenge. What type of jeans suit you best? Are you a skinny, flared or bootcut kind of girl? This time I'm bringing you JUNAROSE'S jeans guide, to help you find the perfect pair!

Here's what JUNAROSE designer Nanna Dahl Knudsen had to say about their jeans:

 "The technical details of designing a pair of jeans are always important. Denim is an excellent fabric, but when making a pair of jeans for a plus-size girl, the technical aspects are even more important. This is why we test everything we make. We need to know about the fit, but we also need to know how the seams will work when the jeans are worn. Just one example is that the length of the crotch in a pair of jeans for a plus-size woman is more complicated to figure out, since the jeans must not slide down at the back when she sits down. We want to make our customers even more confident and make them feel even better when they wear JUNAROSE, so every little detail is carefully considered."

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