Oct 26, 2016


Fall is a great season to take my collection of coats for a spin. I recently cleaned up in my closet and I found a few gems I have neglected for too long. I am a sucker for animal prints, leopard- and snakeskin prints being my fave among them. So obviously, this coat had to come out and play :)
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Oct 14, 2016


It's mac (trench) season, a time where the sun will still occasionally show herself and it's not too cold yet. If there's a brand that knows their macs, it has to be ELVI. Remember their all lace trench? And how about this one, a satin burgundy version (on sale now too!). I actually own three of their trench coats and I can't wait to add more (I mean did you see their metallic trench? omg). To compliment the coat and in true ELVI fashion -I noticed they love snake prints- I had to add these shoes to the mix.

The bag I got as a goody bag at an event, but I liked the way it looked with the coat. It's from a company that recycles clothes and makes other products out of them. Environmental chic!

Oct 12, 2016


When I think of my trip to New York last summer, a lot of good memories come to mind. A lot of good clothes too. I actually had to book an extra suitcase for the flight back :) This dress was among one of my finds. I brought a visit to the Monif C. showroom and tried it on, I wore it the whole time I was there, it was tooo good to take off! The steel blue/grey color, the fit, the model of the dress are all so me. The shoes, ohhhh the shoes! " Sparkle" should have been my middle name. I stumbled upon these at a mall in Miami. My sister saw the hearts in my eyes and decided to gift them to me as a belated birthday present. Yay for sisterly love! :)
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