Jul 7, 2014

Root for your country in style! #WorldCup2014

Woohoo! The end of the World Cup 2014 draws nearer and nearer... The suspense is killing me! There are only four countries left (Argentina, Netherlands, Germany and Brazil) and this Sunday, we will know who the new World Champion will be! As a proud Dutchie, I'm obviously very happy with the achievements of the Dutch football team so far. Let's see if they can win that cup! Usually I'm not that into football but I've noticed that a lot of women that don't watch football on a regular basis, all unite to join and watch the championship festivities I'm one of them. And to those women I would like to say: why not root for your country in style?

I've made some collages inspired by the 4 finalists national colours and although the Dutch flag is red, white and blue, ORANGE is our national colour when it comes to celebration! I could bother you by telling you why and give you a short history lesson on that but nah, let's just stick to the fashion ;)

So starting with my own country of course ;), here's some style inspiration!

World Cup style Netherlands

I guess it's fair to say that Orange really IS the new black! It's a great and vibrant color for summer and instantly spices up and outfit! The only thing is that it's very hard to pull off orange in the Netherlands, because people immediately link it to national festivities, lol.
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Jul 2, 2014

Movie Month Recap

My my, how June has flown by. And with that, my movie month has also come to an end. I really enjoyed doing this and I hope you liked it too. Please vote below and let me know which outfit/movie feature you liked best! xoxo

Jun 30, 2014

Pretty Woman

"I want the fairy tale."

This movie, HER HAIR, that dress! And Richard Gere of course.

Pretty Woman has to be one of my favorite movies of all time (it's in the same category as Dirty Dancing). Of course, every woman loves her a fairy tale story of a damsell in distress that gets saved by a magical prince (let's forget the prostitute part). And in this case, gets a creditcard for unlimited shopping on Rodeo Drive! *Swoon...

So happy to have found my own Richard Gere, my knight in shining armour. All that was missing, was the dress... ;)

This post concludes my June Movie Month, I hoped you liked it, I sure had fun doing it.
Enjoy the rest of your day, xoxo