Feb 19, 2018


Today I'm mixing comfort with chic. I love the fact that accessories can totally change the outcome of your outfit; you can use them to dress something up or down. So Sporty Spice mixed with Posh Spice it is :)

Feb 16, 2018


Ready for the weekend! I am counting down to Spring, and this color is getting me in the mood! I love pastels, and this coat, combined with the pearls is a golden combination. Since I rarely get rid of my things (I know, hoarder in the making. Or maybe I'm beyond saving already?) I quickly remembered that I had the perfect shoes to match. I have not worn them a lot so they still look brand new. See? It's good to save your favorite fashion finds! :)


Feb 12, 2018

Draped in Red

As another holiday makes its way to us, I have to dress for the occasion. Love is in the air, obviously, so that means that now, you can charge twice as much for a bouquet of flowers, and three times as much for a single, long stemmed rose, lol. So it seems, love does cost a thing, eh? Well, whatever you decide to do (or pay) to make the day special, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

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