Jul 25, 2016


Summer is still in full swing! I'm enjoying every minute of it, as Dutch summers have proven to be quite unpredictable. You already know how much I love an all white, clean look, and this dress is a cutie! It fits beautifully, feels great and it was a bargain! Those are the best. In my mind this dress takes me to a honeymoon on a beautiful beach, walking barefoot near the turquoise blue water. If only that were true (I'd love a second honeymoon!).
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Jul 22, 2016

Sequin Mermaid

This color hue gives me all sorts of mermaid feels. It's like Ariel herself donated some sheddings of her mermaids tail in order to have this bomber made (thank you, Ariel!). It is so lovely. When you're more in an Ursula (my girlllll) kind of mood, just rub over the sequins and turn it into a black bomber. Yay for versatility again, 2 coats in one!

We all know that although sequins are sooo glittery and pretty, they can scratch like hell. I was pleasantly surprised that this bomber was fully lined with a thick, satin like fabric, protecting you from all the itchy scratchiness that sequins bring. Making it super comfortable to wear, you don't even feel them. As a true 'sequinista', I can tell you that it's not always the case. Pretty hurts, I guess. Oh, well.

Jul 20, 2016

Summer Prints

I think we've seen this print on literally every item at H&M. And I like all of them, but this jumpsuit I really wanted to try. The whole collection with this print is from the main range, not their plus size section (which still needs an upgrade if you ask me, but that's a different discussion), and since I never shy away from "straight size" shopping, I took the liberty of ordering it.

Quick style note: This jumpsuit has no stretch, I ordered the largest size, which is a European 46 (UK18, US16). I'm usually a 46/48 (UK18/20, US16/18).

Much to my surprise, it fit perfectly, and I absolutely love the colors and the way it fits on me. I personally think it looks better in real life actually. This gives me such a 70's feel (which I know is already "out of style", but I don't give a sh*t) and I'm all here for it!
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