Aug 22, 2016

Very Cherry

I am holding on to summer for dear life and this week, there's a heatwave coming our way. Kinda sucks when you have to work, but hey, I will not complain. Bodysuits are my latest obsession and I am particularly fond of the ones that you can pull of as a swimsuit as well. I mean this one would be so Baywatch-ey right? On the other hand, there are a few cute swimsuits that you can also pull off as a bodysuit, a mutual win situation I think. Up side is definitely not having my top crawl out of my jeans when I move around too much, I hate that.

Anyway, cheers to a new week!

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Aug 20, 2016

GIVEAWAY| Win a €100 navabi voucher

There is no such thing as too many clothes. And with summer still going strong, and fall around the corner, it's time to shop! And let's be honest, what's better than getting to shop for free? I teamed up with my lovely friends at navabi and I'll be giving away a €100 gift voucher. With the sale season still in full swing, pick some transitional season styles or splurge and buy something from your wish list with a €100 discount! The choice is completely yours. To give you a little inspiration, I created a few collages with pieces from the navabi website. All clothing items shown are below €100!

Aug 17, 2016

L'Afrique C'est Chic

African prints give me all types of life. I love the variety of patterns, prints and the vibrant colors. I've always admired the women who wear them so gracefully in different designs. When I saw this set I knew now was the time to try for myself. Y'all know how I feel about throwing in that Angelina leg every once in a while and I sure did not waste any time doing it now!

Style note: I'm wearing the Basi set in a size 3XL. I could have done a 2XL for the skirt but I definitely needed a 3XL for my boobs ;). The item is sold as a set so it is not possible to choose separate sizes for tops and bottoms. Sizes range from small to 4 XL. Oh, and this skirt has POCKETS!! :)
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