Oct 24, 2014

Anything for fashion?

Getting used to colder weather always starts with me and the flu. As I'm typing this, I'm sitting here with a stuffy -and at the same time- runny nose, pain everywhere and enough ibuprofen and vaporub to last a year. That makes me feel even better about the fact that I made good use of my Autumn break by shooting some pics well in advance, 'cause my face right now? HOT. MESS.
Let's hope I'll feel better soon :)

While that same cold weather calls for more layering and covering up, I still don't always feel the need to cover up my legs. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I just thought this outfit looked better without tights. Anything for fashion aye? Hmmm maybe that's why I'm sick now.

Happy weekend everyone!

Blogger Tricks

Oct 22, 2014

Barbie kinda girl

Barbie. That one single word is a statement on it's own.
No offense to Bey but honestly, the QUEEN of Queen Bees HAS to be Barbie. Going strong for 55 years already, she, at some point in almost every little girl's life, meant a great deal. And to some women, she still does. She inspires and continues to inspire (we've all seen the new Barbie inspired Moschino collection by Jeremy Scott right?) Body type issues or discussions aside, she rocks, and I love her. It's a doll, I know, but I love the fact that she shows that all women can be anything they want to be; doctors, pilots, athletes, dancers, NASCAR racers and even astronauts. And, while doing so, always remaining stylish. Best part? She also shows that you don't need a man to be succesful, HA!

I still have the most wonderful memories of my own childhood, playing with different editions, dressing her up and combing her hair. In my youth, -maybe it's different in the States or other countries- it was almost impossible to find dark skinned Barbie dolls, so I never owned one. Now that my daughter is around the age to play with dolls, I'm so happy I did find her one (and it was still hard to find it). Remember, it's not necessarily about race here, but I want her to play with different kinds of dolls, so including dolls that actually look like her. Diversity is key here.

We're all beautiful Barbies and keeping it real with y'all, this Barbie is not afraid of an occasional cheeseburger! ;)

Enjoy your day loves!

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Oct 20, 2014


And yet again I have an awesome announcement: As of now, I'm an ambassador for Zizzi. I love the brand and you have seen their items on my blog quite often. We have already been working together for a while and it has always been a pleasure. I'm excited and look forward to bringing you outfit posts with some of my favorite items, so stay tuned!

Having said that, I present you one of my faves: the tartan blouse. The tartan trend was huge last year and still continues to go on this season. I love dressing up in a casual way and by that I mean, wearing comfortable, casual clothing but giving it a small upgrade by adding something chic. In this case, the body suit and the heels. The blouse adds the finishing touch et voilĂ ! We're good to go!
It's a win-win! ;)