Dec 27, 2013

NYE Look

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas celebrations!

Dec 23, 2013

Christmas Look

Merry Christmas! *Yes, that is a jar of Nivea creme in my hands, lol

Dec 21, 2013

Dec 19, 2013

Surprise! Preview of our Holiday Lookbook

Stay tuned for more! xoxo

ModCloth Uniquely You!

Challenge accepted! I was asked to participate in ModCloth's "Uniquely You" campaign, 
 in which fashion bloggers are challenged weekly to create an outfit with a specific given item on Polyvore. This is my first time participating, but stay tuned for more! xoxo

Nov 26, 2013

Work vs Play Pt IV: Patterns & Prints

The last Tuesday of November concludes my final "Work vs Play" post, it's last but certainly not least! This time on "patterns and prints". The work look is a classic black and white, and who said you can't wear body con dresses to work?! Just dress it down by adding a blazer and keep the heels a little "subtle" :)

The play look features another great find, this gorgeous skater skirt. It has some gold like stitching into it, which really compliments the skirt. As my father is Javanese (but born and raised in Surinam), this skirt gave him some kind off "Indonesian" feel, which I also love. Another plus: it has pockets! Yay for pockets!

I hope you liked this month's theme. If you have any requests or ideas that you would like me to feature, please don't hesitate to contact me!



Nov 19, 2013

Work vs Play Pt III: Faux Leather

I don't know if it's okay for me to say this but! Love the clean black and white look, and the shirt and skirt, ooh don't even get me started about them! So this week's "Work vs Play" is all about Faux Leather, I chose this fab skirt as an item for both looks. I've already decided that my standard go-to silhouette for this Fall/Winter will be me in a cute sweater, paired with a skirt. So that's a warning! I bet you will be seeing a couple of those looks in the near future. I really have a thing for sweaters this season, what is your go to piece for the season?

For Nefferth's take on this weeks item, check out her YouTube Channel!

Next week: Patterns and Prints!



Nov 16, 2013

Zizzi Bloggers Event

This week I attended a bloggers event for Zizzi. I had a great time! There were delicious food and drinks and of course, fabulous clothes! Zizzi is a Danish plus size fashion brand that caters to European sizes 42 - 54 (UK sizes 14 - 24 or US sizes 10 - 22). Their motto is "We Looove Curves" and I couldn't agree more. The clothing that was shown gave me the feeling that they really cared how plus size women look. Maybe it sounds strange to you but some brands give me the feeling they just want to make a quick buck, so they pull out a tent from somewhere, put some flowers on it and they're done. But not with Zizzi. With Denise Bidot as the face of their campaign they really nailed it. Oh, and they sell great shapewear too!

At the moment Zizzi only has a webshop in Denmark, but there are plans for expanding their online store in the future. You can however, shop the brand on Navabi (I did not see anything of the new collection there yet). Zizzi has two stores in the Netherlands, in Amersfoort and in Delft. So my fellow Dutchies, check them out whenever you're in the area! You can also subscribe to Club Zizzi to be notified on great deals and get a 20% discount!


Nov 12, 2013

Work vs Play Pt II: Skinny jeans

And we're back with this week's "Work vs Play". This time the skinny jean, an item that will never leave my closet. An item that can be dressed up or down and is available in so many colors/prints! For these two looks I chose a regular blue version and a printed one. Both looks have something else in common; the grey leopard print! Gotta have some leopard :)

For Nefferth's take on this week's Work vs Play, please visit her YouTube Channel.

Next week: Faux Leather!


Nov 5, 2013

Work vs Play Pt I: Pencil skirt

Introducing this month's project! My blogger buddy Nefferth (of Mode Plus) and I wanted to do a collab together. Nefferth is a fellow "Dutchie" and a total sweetheart. She's an "Emotionista" with a love for vintage and her style is cute but completely different from mine. Since we have a different style of dressing, we thought it would be fun to "spot the differences"  and inspire each other while styling a similar item. So this month, every Tuesday, you will see an item we picked, styled for "work" and "play". This week, the pencil skirt! For Nefferth's take on this weeks item, please visit her YouTube channel.

*Much to my chagrin the weather has been dreadful so I had to snap these pics inside. Better luck next time!

Next week: Skinny jeans!


Oct 24, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle

This October weather has been nothing but good so far! I'm totally enjoying Fall at the moment, I can really get used to it this way! I got this pretty little dress from the nice people at X-Two, an international store that sells plus size clothing (please select your country when visiting their website). You all know I'm a sucker for sparkles so I couldn't leave my fave boots in the world behind!

Enjoy your weekend!


I love these shoes! They gave me such a "royal slippers" feel :)As I have mentioned before, Fall is not my favorite season (mostly because of the cold) but I really love all the beautiful, rich colors it brings. With this post, it's also finally time for a new Bloggers Do It Better! Winter coat/Wool coats this time. Check it out and join! Have a nice day!

P.S.: Have you seen me on FashionBomb Daily?! I got voted Bombshell of the day. Woohoo!

Oct 20, 2013

At the neighbor's

Isn't it pretty?! I spent most of my Saturday at the neighbor's (with which I mean Antwerp, Belgium). I don't know if I ever mentioned it before but my little brother moved to Portugal a few years ago and he's visiting us for a couple of weeks. He felt like going to Antwerp, so of course I couldn't stay behind! My outfit is not really something you're used of seeing on me, just a laid back look. Well let's just say that there are a lot more sides to me than you even know :)

Oct 5, 2013

Golden Jacket

Hello October! I needed a couple of days to get myself together (Peplum rehab, ssssht!). Of course I'm not done with the subject so you'll see a peplum outfit every now and then :) For now, something totally different, this amazing golden jacket! It was actually part of a short suit but they did not have the shorts in my size anymore. Well, I'm making it work anyway for Fall, by pairing it with my fave boyfriend jeans.

Enjoy your weekend,


Sep 30, 2013

Closing down: The Pink Peplum

And this final post concludes my Peplum Month! Oh, September, how you've flown by! I hope you liked my all peplum theme this month. I have made a seperate page at the top of my blog, for a full overview of my Peplum month posts you can go there. Please let me know which outfit was your fave!

*Adding this as a submission to Masque Mag's Fall Fashion Faceoff: "Favorite Statement Coat".


Sep 28, 2013

The Double Frill Peplum

Can you say fab?? I love this double frilled peplum top, it's brings just a bit more "Va Va Voom" than a regular peplum. I have one more peplum post to go before September is over so stay tuned!!
Another thing, have you joined Kelly Augustine's (of MasqueMag) Fall Fashion Faceoff yet? Well, you should! Consider this post my submission for "Anything with dark florals".
Enjoy your weekend!

Sep 24, 2013

The Dotted Peplum

This dotted print on the dress makes me a bit dizzy sometimes! From far away you can't even tell it's dotted but up close it becomes more clear. Sometimes the pattern plays a little game with your mind! Nevertheless, I love it of course!

Sep 22, 2013

Army Glam: The Sequin Peplum

Who says a camouflage look can't be glam and tough at the same time?! Sequins are always a party-starter and this top gives your army pants an instant upgrade! I like how it turned out!

Sep 20, 2013

Favorite Celebrity Peplum looks

Solange||Lady Gaga||Olivia Palermo||Jessica Biel||Zoe Saldana||Liv Tyler||Charlize Theron||Kim Kardashian

Which one is your favorite?

Sep 17, 2013

The "Pleather" Peplum

Ok, this peplum top is the greatest! So happy I found it online at Forever21! We're halfway through September already and I still have a couple more outfits to go. Thanks for the nice comments on this Peplum month, I'm really enjoying this project!

Have a nice day,


Sep 14, 2013

The Minty Peplum

The peplum style can also come in the shape of a cute minty blazer :)

I mentioned last week that we had a couple of hot weather days. I think it was to say goodbye to Summer, because Fall has officially started! It's raining almost non stop so I was lucky we had a short break from that yesterday after work, so I could snap these pictures real quick. In contrast to a lot of fashionlovers, Fall is NOT my favorite season! I do love warm colors that Fall brings, such as orange, burgundy and brown tones but the constant rain and harsh wind... No thanks! I love Summer and Spring best.

What's your favorite season?

Sep 11, 2013

The P-U Peplum

Yes, I'm on a roll! We're not even half way through my peplum month but there is still lots to come! Today this cute skirt I picked up from Forever21, paired with this cool boyfriend t-shirt. And yep, once again, black and white! Sorry, can't help myself! I hope you like my peplum themed posts so far and be on the lookout for more!



Sep 8, 2013

NEON, N-E-ONE?: The NEON Peplum

I must admit, neon was not really my thing - read "was"-. But when fellow blogger Nefferth from Mode Plus alerted me to this neon peplum top during a quick shopping trip I was in love! I felt like matching it with another bold color, hence the electric blue heels (they are freaking sky high, I was almost taller than my husband! Lol). For a more comfortable look I wore some matching neon/black flats, which I coincidentally found in a box in the attic. How lucky was I?! I forgot all about them!

Don't you think it's so rewarding at times to find old goodies in your closet that can be of perfect use again? :)

Sep 5, 2013

The Jeweled Peplum

Yessss!! The last couple of days have been great! Weather-wise I mean... I'm such a Summer person and I just can't say goodbye. The last couple of days have been superhot, so I need to charge myself up with the last rays of sun.

Well, this is peplum outfit #2! There will be a lot more where that came from! Stay tuned!

Have a nice day! 

P.S.: How GAWGEOUS are these shoes???! Love them!


Sep 2, 2013

The Jump-off: Checked Peplum

Kicking off my "Peplum Month" in this oh so classic all Black and White look. For the ones that have known me for a while, this combo of colors no surprise, it's my absolute fave! Stay tuned for more peplum looks this month, and let me know what you think!

Sep 1, 2013

This month on SMF...

Yes yes yes! Peplum, a style that I love so much, it has really grown on me. After participating in Tanesha's Peplum Style Challenge, I thought it would be fun to post "peplum outfits only" this month on the blog. Hope you guys will like it!


Aug 31, 2013

OOTD: Flowy Saturday

Yes, you probably have seen this dress a hundred times... When I first saw it on Gabifresh, I thought it was so cute! Eventually Asos Curve brought this dress in black, but I wanted the white one. As you can see, there's a small difference between Gabi's and mine: mine has short sleeves. I also got this one from the Maternity line, and it happens to be still available (and on sale too!). I'm wearing a US14/UK18. It's also available in Navy and Peach. Anywho, this dress is just a dream. It's so flowy and I love the romantic look it brings, perfect for a beautiful Saturday!

Enjoy your day!

Aug 29, 2013

OOTD: "Sporty 'N Sweet"

Combining sweet (skirt), with tough (jacket) and sporty (shoes).. Love it!

Aug 25, 2013

OOTD: Quick Sunday Post

Just a quick Sunday Post before bed! Goodnight! (and for others around the globe: "Goodmorning/day/evening")

Aug 20, 2013

OOTD: "Jailhouse Block"

Don't you just love a great suit? When I saw this one online I just had to have it. As I mentioned before, a classic black and white combo is always a go in my book and this pretty number is no exception! Enjoy your Tuesday!

May 20, 2013

OOTD: Curve Collective

Saturday's Curve Collective Festival was a day filled with fashion and beauty. I attended as one of the plus size bloggers, it was fun. I got to meet new and inspiring ladies and hope to see them again in the near future. The dress I wore to the event is a fave of mine, so "shakadelic"! It made me feel like I just stepped out of "That 70's show", love it!


May 9, 2013

OOTD: Flowerbomb(er)!

Jacket - H&M|| Shirt - Asos Curve (old)|| Jeans - Asos Curve|| Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Don't you just love a bargain? I snapped up this oh so cute floral bomber from H&M, it was on sale for only €10 ($13)!


Mar 4, 2013

OOTD: Oh Mickey!

How cute is Mickey? I saw this cute sweater at Primark and just had to have it (and only €12, regular price, not even on sale!).
Gotta love those prices at Primark :)

Have a lovely day,

Feb 28, 2013

OOTD's: Out of my cave!

I've decided to come out of the cave I've been hiding in and post again. I really have no excuse... Shame on me!!! And even though my irregular posting, you keep showing me love, I'm touched!! Thanks to all of you for liking my Facebook page and commenting, that hasn't slipped by me!

I'm having the hardest time taking pictures these days, it's so cold outside! On top of that I never have time to take pictures in the morning before work and after work it's already dark. Still no excuse, but hey, was worth a shot... ;)

How have you all been???

Thanks for putting up with me, muah!



Jan 1, 2013


Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had fun! My first post of the year is just a quick one to show you my NYE outfit, I'm still curious to see yours so do share by emailing me at or posting on my Facebook page.

Let's all make this a great year!

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