Sep 28, 2015

Sunny surprise

Oh how I love surprises. I already started having trouble waking up in the morning since it was getting darker and colder outside and then, just out of nowhere, the sun decided to come back! Last weekend's weather was really good for my mood :)

To celebrate, I decided to wear a color that fits a sunny mood best: yellow! I can't wait for more surprises ;)


Sep 25, 2015


Another trend you can't get around this season is fringe. Shoes with fringing, jackets and coats with fringing, bags with fringing and of course, dresses! When I laid my eyes on this festive number, I just had to have it. I love the effortless glam it gives, just by walking. Fringes are swaying from left to right, making your walk extra fierce (and you know I'm all here for fierceness, lol).

So what do you think? Will you be buying fringy items this season?

This wonderful dress was gifted to me by Asos as part of their #girlganggoals project. I had the privilige of choosing one item from their A/W collection and one for a friend! If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen the beautiful skirt my sis chose. She's temporarily stationed in Australia so this was a great way to surprise her, I miss her so much! Thanks again Asos!


Sep 23, 2015

Pinky powder

In my last post I spoke about color palettes for Fall. Olive green and neutrals are a great combination. But how about powder pink? It's such a cute color and coming to think of it, there are hardly any colors I don't call faves. Anyhoo, since last weekend's weather was still kind and gentle, with lots of sun, I took the liberty of pairing my new fluffy jacket with my fluffy heels in the same tone. It's probably one of the last chances I'm going to get. On another note, I've been known to wear heeled sandals in Fall and Winter too... Anything for a cute look right? ;)


Sep 21, 2015

Olive wrap

I already mentioned in a recent post that olive green is one of my favorite colors to wear. Combined with neutral and nude tones, it makes up a beautiful color palette. One thing that should absolutely be part of every woman's closet, is the perfect trench. It can really enhance a good outfit and looks super cute for Fall. They're not the warmest of coats, but hey, that's not what they're here for ;) Prepare to see it appear on here a lot more.

This wrap dress is adorable and it gives a "kimono/bathrobe goes chic vibe". Great piece for the office and just about anywhere. I think it looks really sophisticated.

What's your go-to color palette for Fall?

Sep 16, 2015

Classic 70's

As I've mentioned before, the seventies trend is getting big, very big, and will remain so for a while. Everywhere you look is more fringe, more suede and more prints. That's cool and all, but not everyone is down with the boho seventies vibe. I am definitely not against it, a certain piece just has to speak to me. For those feeling like they should pass on this trend I give you this jumpsuit! I think it's amazing. Even though the colors are neutral, the model of it just breathes seventies because of the sleeves and the wide leg pants. I think it's a great adaption to the trend and shows that not everything related to this trend has to be popping with color, suede fabrics, prints, fringes or the occasional glitter. Since I (of course) would live in glitter if I could, I added my bedazzled shoes to satisfy my glittery needs :)

All in all, a great way to incorporate a trend but with a classic twist ;) Do you agree?

Sep 14, 2015


As the climate slowly progresses from sunny warm days to a bit more darker and chilly days, I am trying to adjust the best way I can. You all know that I'm a real summer girl and that colder and darker days really affect my mood but what better way to cheer yourself up than with some new fluff? Maybe you remember seeing this style before, I actually posted a picture of the coat version in my Curvy is Sexy fair post back in January.

For some reason, I felt like looking a little sexy and I think this dress just did the trick. Add similar style boots and BAM! You're ready to strut all the way through Fall baby! :)

Enjoy your week,

Sep 11, 2015

Neutral Ground

Whether in- or out of style, olive green will always be one of my favorite colors to wear. And I don't mean to sound bad but I also think it matches beautifully on a darker complexion. It's actually one of the compliments I get the most when wearing an item in this color. That it looks so great on my skin :)

Being the lazy type of fashion lover, ironing is definitely not one of my hobbies. Yes, life sucks sometimes, especially when there are chores to be done. But this time, I really put my all into creating a clean, crisp pair of culottes and yet, at the end of the day, it looks like I did not even bother to iron it *sigh*. Apart from that, it's a great pair of pants that I plan to wear a lot this fall.


Sep 9, 2015

REVIEW| Wooden Luxury

Accessories are always a fun way to help compliment your outfit. You can either keep it simple (like I usually do) or go completely over the top and let the accessories speak for the rest of the look. Something that will definitely suit your everyday looks as well as the more special ones, is a watch. Just like any accessory or piece of jewellery, watches come in so many varieties, but this one really caught my attention: a watch made out of wood! It's something I've never seen before and honestly, when I think of wood, watches are not the first thing that come to mind - and no, I did not mean that in a dirty way ;)

Sep 7, 2015

"Give me a sec."

One of my favorite bloggers and one of the first I began following is Luanne from aka Weesha's World. I've been reading her blog for a couple of years now and when it comes to personal style, we have a quite similar taste. So when I spotted this kimono and short set on her blog, I rushed to order! It is absolutely amazing. The kimono is a little large, so you can definitely size down on that, but I don't mind it looking this way either.

This outfit is a way for me to say: "Oh hey Fall, are you back again? Ok, I'll let you in, just give me a sec." ;) With Fall fastly approaching, I intend to take in the last Summer vibes as much as I can. The kimono is definitely a piece that I will take with me to the new season. The colors fit the Fall palette perfectly. What say you?


Sep 2, 2015


I have to be honest and say that I had my reservations when I first saw this jumpsuit, but there was something about this print that drew me to it. The print is amazing and really gives me a 70's feel. The legs on these pants are really, really wide and on the model the length is more 3/4, on me it was ankle length. None the less, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on. This outfit just screamed for bigger hair than usual and some cute platforms.

The 70's trend is slowly winning more territory and actually I was not really here for it. But sometimes you come across a statement piece that just makes you change your mind all over again. I still don't know if the trend will fully be incorporated in my wardrobe, for now this will do :)
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