May 30, 2014

Call me Ming

Nor my lens or your screen are dirty, there were pollens flying everywhere, lol.

I've had my mind set to get my hands on this coat the minute I saw it in the Asos Spring 2014 lookbook and it took forever to become available! I checked out the website everyday and finally, it was there! I mentioned before that the print reminds me of Delfst Blauw, an old Dutch pottery style that was traditionally made in the city of Delft. It actually originated as a cheaper alternative to blue and white Chinese porcelain, that was often used for ceramics in the Ming Dynasty. Considering the price of a real Ming vase, I find this coat a great, fashionable and less pricy alternative :)

Yay for history! Have a great weekend everyone,


May 29, 2014

Come back Spring.

Warm weather calls for lightweight clothing, and this jumpsuit is just that. I love the print!
Although Spring has hidden herself for the past couple of days, I really can't complain. Lots of days were filled with warmth and sunshine, I just hope the sun will come back soon!

For now I'm counting down the days as it's my birthday in exactly one week! I'll be celebrating my 25th birthday for the fourth time, lol.

Will you be counting down with me? :)

May 26, 2014


I've been taking that relaxation way to seriously... It has been a little quiet here but I can assure you, I was busy doing something... It has everything to do with next months' theme. Yes, I said it (no, actually typed, but okay), new theme coming up in June, but more on that soon :)

Last Saturday I visited the first ever Ilovefashionbloggers Q&A event. It's a blogger network that connects bloggers and brands. They invited Dutch top bloggers Yara Michels of Chapter Friday (formally known as 'This chick's got style'), Linda Tol and Negin Mirsalehi for a Q&A. Held in my beautiful city Rotterdam, in a new hotel with the most amazing view, it was great.
It was fun and refreshing being among so many other fellow bloggers. People that understand why you need to be on your phone most of the time, tweeting, instagramming or facebook-ing (those are not even words, I know). That get you when you need to take a picture of your food or drinks first before you digg in :) Of course I had to represent the curvy girls and what better way to do so than with this statement t-shirt from Zizzi?! I love it! Together with my partners in style, Nefferth and Saskia from Mode Plus and Fab&Luxury Curves we did a great job at that.

The day left me all inspired and gave me so much energy to continue doing what I'm doing and trying to be the best I can be in my blogging. To my fellow bloggers: it was great meeting all of you!


May 12, 2014

The future of Make up: Print it!

Image via Mink website. This is what the final product should look like.

Could this really be the future of the beauty industry? Imagine, watching a YouTube make up tutorial and totally loving the lipstick or eyeshadow the woman in the video is using. Just pause the video and with the help of Paint or Photoshop print the desired color et voila! Your new make up comes rolling out of the printer! Wouldn't that be great?! Grace Choi, founder and developer of this wonderful product sure thinks so. She made a heck of an entrance by presenting her product at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Do check her demonstration below:

The prototype is now the size of a regular printer but Choi intends to make the final product the size of a Mini Mac. Retail prices should be about $300.

Isn't technology a wonderful thing?! And being this young, smart and beautiful? More power to you, Grace.

I'm liking this! I can sense a whole lot of make up retailers grinding their teeth when hearing about this, I sure hope we get the chance to try the printer out soon. For more information, sign up on the website for the latest news.

How do you feel about this latest development?



May 9, 2014

The Weeknd

And we're back to the weekend! Oh Friday, how I've missed you.
Sometimes I sit and wonder why we're all so happy when the weekend makes his way in. Of course, no obligations, no getting up early in the morning for work. But then still, even the weekend is completely filled with activities and appointments (read obligations). That's why I'm taking this weekend off from everything. Yep. No glamour, just sweatpants, no make up, no contactlenses but glasses and frumpy hair. Complete relaxation. But, before I cut off all the glamour, an all dolled up post for you!

Enjoy your weekend loves!


May 7, 2014

Lemon Cotton Candy

I saw this top on Alisa's Instagram and loved it instantly! She is absolutely fabulous by the way, do check her out! ;)

And this skirt? Just cotton candy sweetness I tell you! Makes me feel like a lemonade princess! Nuff said. :)

May 5, 2014


After an all white post, time for an all black post. :)

When it comes to fashion, comfort isn't always a priority, as long as it looks good. Well, this dress proves that both can be combined, while still looking fly! If we look at it from a scientific point of view, the correct equation to calculate it's "fashionable-ness" (no, it's not a word, I know, but all is fair in Fashion and Science!) is:

So, what say you? I think my above theory proves it all :)
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