Aug 21, 2014


I am so not ready for Fall yet... I try to stay in denial but hey, the weather does whatever it wants. Though I do believe we will have some great Summer weather the coming week, for now, it has dissapeared. So I opted for a sweater with leggings and a light scarf, a great and comfortable way to transition into the colder seasons to come. And leopard print is NEVER wrong. ;)


Aug 19, 2014

Laid back - to work

Starting off this week with a laid back look. After four weeks of relaxing, enjoying Summer and doing absolutely nothing, it was time to get back to work for me. Since I work at a university and the "kids" won't return to school for another 2 weeks, I took the liberty of playing it cool and wear something super relaxed to work (to be really honest, I always wear whatever I want to work).

Another thing, Fall seems to have arrived in the Netherlands already. For the past week it has been raining and storming almost constantly and temperatures have dropped a lot. So perfect chance to grab this coat out of my closet again. The occasional sunshine in between the periods of rain gave me the perfect opportunity to quickly make these snaps. I'm still crossing my fingers for a few, just a few more days of sunshine so that I can slowly transition into Fall. I always need time to adjust ;)



Aug 17, 2014


When I was approached by the people at Bye Bra to test their product, I was happy to try. I had never seen a product like it and I, being a top heavy girl, was more than curious to see if it would work. I mean, how great would it be to finally walk the streets free and bra less? Sounds quite amazing right? Strapless, backless tops and dresses without a care in the world. Almost too good to be true isn't? Or is it? Behold, my review on Bye Bra..... *insert drumrolls and dramatic music here*

Aug 15, 2014

Mellow Yellow

With Summer slowly, but surely coming to an end, I'm trying to soak up the last rays of sun. To make my day a little brighter, I opted for a light shade of yellow. You actually may have seen the skirt before, as I also wore it at the shoot I did with Grazia magazine (post here). As the saying goes, "less is more", I did not feel this skirt needed an extravagant top, so I kept it simple.

Another thing, I'm absolutely in LOVE with this new lip color! I saw it on fellow blogger Edith while in Copenhagen and I just had to have it! It's Olé Flamingo from Bourjois' Red Velvet collection. It looks like a lipgloss, but feels and lasts like a lipstick.

Enjoy your weekend loves!


Aug 12, 2014

Clean and Simple

This time a more casual outfit, 'cause you know, not everything I wear is "GLAM" :P
I don't know if you've noticed but I follow a variety of fashion blogs, the "skinny blogs" included, because all types of women inspire me. What really surprises me though, is that a lot of skinny bloggers get away with wearing casual/nothing special clothing all the time, and receive lots of praise for it. I like it, don't get me wrong, but as a plus size blogger I sometimes feel the pressure to always be dressed up in my outfit posts, like I have to be GLAM all the time to look just as cute as the others. Well, out the window that goes. As a normal person, just like everyone, my life is not all glitz and glam.

Well, on to my CASUAL outfit! :)
A clean, white shirt is a basic that everyone should have in their closet, at least, that's my opinion. You can never go wrong with that. Add some nice heels to your boyfriend jeans and BAM! Instant upgrade with minimal effort!

While trying to keep my casual FAB, the wind was blowing my hair in all kinds of directions. Well, looks playful right? It does make it a bit harder to share my new hairdo, I got bored again and cut myself some bangs this morning, lol. I just have that itch from time to time. If I had the courage, I would've dyed my hair a copper blonde color, like I had many years ago. But it completely RUINED my hair so I'm still afraid to try that again. So, this will have to do.

What's your go-to "quick transformation" move?


*By "skinny blogs" I'm not trying to disrespect or offend anyone, just trying to clarify my story ;)


Aug 7, 2014

Fashion has no size - Zizzi Show

Last weekend I once again had the privilege to fly to Copenhagen to attend Zizzi's blogger event and fashion show. This time the theme was "Fashion has no size". The day started with the blogger event in the afternoon, where members of the Zizzi design team presented their new collections for Spring, but also a couple of designs that will be in stores this Fall. The collections had something for everyone: there were sporty elements, chique elements and more on trend pieces. It was nice to connect with fellow bloggers from several countries and talk about the collections.

New to the Zizzi concept was their capsule collection called Wardrobe of Wonders, or W.O.W. The collection featured florals, pastels and some darker navy colors. It has a very high mix and match level, as the matching sets can also be paired with something else from the collection and I'm definitely a fan!

The fashion show was held the same evening (followed by an afterparty of course!) and gave you a good impression on what's to come in the near future. My most favorite pieces were those from the W.O.W. collection, I love the pastels and matching sets, the snake prints and well, that's just me in a nutshell.

And once again, everything was arranged perfectly. Thanks again for having me Zizzi!

For a video impression of the event and the show please check here and here.

WARNING: Picture heavy post! :)

Aug 4, 2014

Copenhagen Safari

Do you know these dark moments in life where things are not going the way you want to and you worry about everything? Well, that was definitely my case a few weeks ago. It took me a lot of thinking and praying, and to be quite honest, I had to find my "Christian Reset Button" again. You know, when you feel you haven't been a "good Christian" lately, then something happens and you have to stop your earthly/human way of thinking and put all your faith and trust in God? It's so hard, but it has helped me to be positive again and to end my negative thinking. At one moment I just had to say enough, it's time for sunshine again! And boy, the sun has been shining! I'm so blessed and thankful for that.

My trip to Copenhagen for Zizzi last weekend was a great start to my again found, sunshine filled life, and I will post everything about the new collection and fashionshow on the blog this week, so definitely keep an eye out for that. But first, a long overdue outfit post to make up for lost times! I wore this to the Zizzi blogger event. I absolutely love this dress with a little African, Safari feel to it with the giraffes and everything. It's very comfy too! And what better color to represent sunshine than yellow? Right?!

Enjoy your new week lovelies,

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