Apr 28, 2018


If there's anything that lifts my mood (apart from new clothes and chocolate of course), it's watching all these beautiful trees with pink blossoms. They're so beautiful to look at. To me, they say a new season has started. Sad part is that they usually don't last that long, and before you know it, the whole pavement is filled with pink petals. On the brighter side, it also means summer is coming... :)


Apr 24, 2018

Black and Gold.

I told you, stripes are sorta my thing now :) With the weather being perfect and all, black may not be the color some people have in mind for the season. To me, it's timeless and "season-less". Especially when you use flowy, see through fabrics it looks stylish and classy or it could be the perfect cover up for something colorful underneath. I love the combination with gold, gives it a more "royal" feel.


Apr 22, 2018

Summer Weekend

This weekend's weather was perfect! It felt like summer. That calls for an opportunity to bring back some leg action and while we're at it, let's bring out the shoulders too :) I've noticed that I've been rocking lots of stripes lately (completely unintentional), no matter the color or pattern. Stripes are where it's at with me, I guess.

Apr 6, 2018

Code Red.

Red has completely won me over. Apart from my lipsticks, red was a color I've avoided in my wardrobe for so long, until recently. Relatable? Maybe my taste is changing as I'm getting older, but for some reason red is usually now the first color that catches my eye when an item of clothing is available in different colors.
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