Feb 25, 2016

Denim Sailor

It appears that culottes are staying for a while, not everyone's cup of tea and I have to admit that I'm mostly drawn to the special kind. With a little twist or different detail. These ones certainly fit that description. They give me a kind of sailor feel but in denim. I chose for a simple approach by pairing them with a plain white tee and giving it a small upgrade with statement accessories; 'cause sometimes, that's all you need ;)

Feb 22, 2016

Head over knees

Hey everyone, it's been a while... I cannot begin to tell you how many times I attempted to take some new pics but the weather has been absolutely horrible! Cold is one thing, but it has been storming and raining a lot. As most of you know the weather can really affect my mood and pairing that with a few busy weeks of work I have to admit I was done.

I have taken a well deserved break, visiting my little brother in Portugal (he emigrated a few years ago) and getting some much needed sunshine. By the time I get back home I hope Spring will be just around the corner :)

One thing that did not change though is my love for this easy go-to combo, a nice sweater with some over the knee boots. Lurvvv it!
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