Jan 29, 2018


Last one up, in Chili Pepper red! I actually wore this one for Christmas, and got many compliments. I think it would do great for Valentines Day as well. And any other day if you ask me :) Don't save your favorite things for a special day, wear it whenever you want! So now that I showed all colors I bought, let me know which one was your fave!

Jan 26, 2018


Soooo. Here's color number three. This one was actually the first color I purchased. So you can say that this is the OG, that sparked my need for the others as well. I love all white looks, but sometimes I like to go for that small pop of color. Nothing says more "pop" than hot pink!

Jan 24, 2018


On to color number two! This one had me all types of hyped. I said it once and will continue to say it, mustard, amber and other yellow hues match so beautifully on brown or tanned skin. This color always has me feeling all kinds of special, haha. Perfect for every season too: it's happy for summer, matches perfectly with the colors of the leaves in fall, it's the nice pop of color during winter and screams the start of spring. You can never lose with that! #Teamwinningalways :)

Jan 22, 2018


Mauve is definitely a color that grew on me. It started in the form of matte lipsticks, that gave me a natural, nude look, while still being visible enough to complement the rest of my make-up. I like the subtlety. When I saw this particular dress came in this color, I had to have it. I must add that the shape of this dress won me over so much, that I actually own it in four different colors. Wondering now if I should post the other colors as well... :)

Jan 17, 2018


I know 2018 just started, but I'm already dubbing this my favorite look of the year. If there's an ever classic combo that I absolutely love, it's black and white. When I stumbled upon this dress that had both I had to make it mine. So imagine my feelings when I found these boots!! Serving some Cruella De Vil realness here! These boots are my new fave, and even though these items look great seperate from each other, my first thought was to combine them in one outfit for now. To add some edginess, I grabbed my old, trusty, still a fave (but heavy AF), Alexander Wang Rocco bag. I love how the look came together. How about you? Would you combine these two items together?

Jan 15, 2018


If there is one thing I learned from blogging for as long as I have, it's to not be afraid to stand out. Of course, this self love journey added confidence needed to actually achieve that mindset, but it can still be scary at times. Over the years I feel that my personality really shines through the way I dress. Even though I find it very hard to describe my particular style, other people always know when to dub a piece of clothing "so Dee". One of my favorite motto's is definitely "Life's too short to wear boring clothes", and I try to live by it as much as I can. So even though I'm head to toe covered in flowers with this suit, a wallflower I am certainly not ;)

Jan 12, 2018

Winter Leopard

I don't think I will ever grow tired of leopard print. It is here to stay, leopard print is a neutral in my book. When I saw this skirt, I knew it would be cute to pair with some over the knee boots for colder weather. In summer they would look cute with some mules or sandals. I'm sure this one will be a nice staple in my closet. An accessory I keep forgetting about, is a hat. I only wear one on very rarely occassions, and everytime I wear one I promise myself to not forget to wear one more often. On the other hand, since being natural with my hair for over a year now, I need to try if it looks just as nice with my curly hair (and consider if I mind messing up my "do").

Jan 9, 2018

Tux Luxe.

Apparently for the last two years, my first outfit post of a the new year is always black. So, let's stick to tradition and do it once again, third time's a charm :) I love tuxedo dresses, but had slight problems finding one that fit the way I wanted it to. Well, my search is finally over! The big pearl buttons are a nice and classy addition. Nothing more needed.
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