Dec 31, 2015

2015 top 5 outfits

I know I know, I already posted my last post of the year yesterday but I thought it would be nice to share my 5 favorite outfits with you. I've already been posting them on Instagram and Facebook so I'm keeping it short, here goes (in order of appearance on my blog):

Dec 30, 2015

Silver Fox

I already mentioned in my previous post that with New Years Eve, I like to focus on sparkly things. I think I managed to get my sparkle on with this outfit, as literally every item shines and glitters! Of course I could have chosen for one statement piece only but hey, life's too short, why not do it all??! And I actually like the way it turned out.

Let's start with this jacket: I have absolutely no words for it. It was love at first sight, it is so beautifully designed and well crafted and it actually weighs quite a lot too. You can really feel the top quality. I have already dubbed it my curvy "Balmain" style piece ;)

The skirt set is the perfect set for so many occasions. It can easily be toned down by adding a black blazer and pumps or you can opt to wear the pieces seperately. As this skirt is very long, you can also pull it up more if you don't really feel like exposing your belly too much.

The shoes, oh the shoes. You have seen them around before, and I think that I will never get over glittery and embellished shoes. Nuff said.

So with that, I'm wondering, what will you be wearing for NYE?

Dec 28, 2015


As the last few days of 2015 are passing by in rapid speed, the big question arises: what to wear for New Years Eve? My first answer would be: sequins! And since we're in a celebrating mood, why not in a champagne color? Shimmer is always good to ring in the new year, it's festive, sparkly and makes you stand out. And if you're the "New Years resolution" type, definitely add "sparkle more" to your list. It's all about how you shine!

There's one post left before the ball drops, see you on Wednesday!



Dec 26, 2015

The day after

And just like that, Christmas has come and gone.. I hope all of you had a great time and maybe some found some wish list items under your tree :)

Christmas weather has been incredibly soft and warm, I believe it even reached a record height for December. Global warming? Not sure, but I actually don't mind a snow- and ice free sidewalk. I just hope Winter won't wake up in February or March to bite us in the ass after all.. With it being 59 degrees (15 degrees celsius) outside I got to wear this skirt without tights and with my fluffy shoes for Christmas! This full skirt is sooo... full! I love it! If only it had pockets, it would have been perfect. Can't win em all I guess.

I'm getting back to watching Christmas movies (it's my holiday tradition) and enjoying the last days of 2015. There will be a few more posts up this year though :)


Dec 14, 2015

Sequin wrap

The time for shimmer and sequins has arrived yet again. Now, knowing me, you'd know that I don't limit myself to the holiday season to sparkle. I just consider this time of year as my opportunity to sparkle even more ;)

I have an undying love for kimono-style/wrap jackets and when I saw a kimono jacket fully sequinned I almost lost it! I mean, it rarely gets better than this right? As a fashion victim should, I'm always looking for what to wear during this season. It's not that I have no options (although that's what every woman says) but how to choose right? I have a few other holiday looks I would love to run by you so be on the lookout for them soon!


Dec 7, 2015

Knitty Gritty

This time of year calls for knits; vests, scarfs, sweaters and my fave this season, dresses. Keeping warm and staying stylish at the same time, who doesn't want that? I was totally ecstatic when I found these lovely boots to go along with them (and many other things might I add). I have totally fallen for this "knit dress with over the knee boots" look, and I can predict that this will be my go-to look for now.

Enjoy your week loves,

Dec 4, 2015


The party season is here!

If you follow me on Snapchat, you would remember that I had 2 quite busy days last week: I flew up and down to Copenhagen (will share that in another post), went back to Amsterdam and spent a glorious day there, shooting a Christmas collection with 5 other bloggers (Els, Hermina, Saskia, Iris and Josine) for MS Mode.

I am so happy they decided to show part of their holiday collection on a group of every day, diverse women, with different body shapes and sizes. We're not models. We're not perfect (actually no one is) and it may help a lot of you to see the clothing on someone your own size. I had a great day, and the lovely girls at MS Mode catered to our every need. Thanks so much for having us! Now, when it comes to photoshoots, what I dislike most is that you're anxious to see the final results and sometimes it takes so long. But man, were these pictures fast! So today, I present you, the results of the shoot! Details on my dress further down in this post.
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