Oct 24, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle

This October weather has been nothing but good so far! I'm totally enjoying Fall at the moment, I can really get used to it this way! I got this pretty little dress from the nice people at X-Two, an international store that sells plus size clothing (please select your country when visiting their website). You all know I'm a sucker for sparkles so I couldn't leave my fave boots in the world behind!

Enjoy your weekend!


I love these shoes! They gave me such a "royal slippers" feel :)As I have mentioned before, Fall is not my favorite season (mostly because of the cold) but I really love all the beautiful, rich colors it brings. With this post, it's also finally time for a new Bloggers Do It Better! Winter coat/Wool coats this time. Check it out and join! Have a nice day!

P.S.: Have you seen me on FashionBomb Daily?! I got voted Bombshell of the day. Woohoo!

Oct 20, 2013

At the neighbor's

Isn't it pretty?! I spent most of my Saturday at the neighbor's (with which I mean Antwerp, Belgium). I don't know if I ever mentioned it before but my little brother moved to Portugal a few years ago and he's visiting us for a couple of weeks. He felt like going to Antwerp, so of course I couldn't stay behind! My outfit is not really something you're used of seeing on me, just a laid back look. Well let's just say that there are a lot more sides to me than you even know :)

Oct 5, 2013

Golden Jacket

Hello October! I needed a couple of days to get myself together (Peplum rehab, ssssht!). Of course I'm not done with the subject so you'll see a peplum outfit every now and then :) For now, something totally different, this amazing golden jacket! It was actually part of a short suit but they did not have the shorts in my size anymore. Well, I'm making it work anyway for Fall, by pairing it with my fave boyfriend jeans.

Enjoy your weekend,

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