Nov 2, 2011

OOTD: Glitter boots

These shoes make me so happy. Do you know the feeling,when you have an absolute favorite item of
clothing and you just can't get that smile of your face all day when you're wearing it? And people around you look at you as if you're crazy (including your own husband)? That's how these shoes make me feel! The first thing Jim yelled out when he saw me in these was "why are you wearing Prince's shoes? or are these Michael Jackson's?". He's such a bully sometimes. Nevertheless, I like them and that's what counts right?

I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple and classic in black and white this time, with my new (and also) favorite blazer from Dorothy Perkins.

Blazer - Dorothy Perkins// Sheer blouse - New Look// Pants - Asos Curve// Glitter Ankle Boots - Topshop// Bag - V&D ( Dutch department store)// Necklace - Mi Moneda



  1. Those shoes are AMAZING! I would be struttin all over town in those =)

  2. Super shoes and super blazer!
    And I like the fact that you've kept the rest of the outfit simple and classic.

    I really LOVE the entire outfit!

  3. Hahaha thanks! I feel so 'Dorothy in wizard of Ozz' in them!

  4. amazing boots!! i want it!

    amazing boots! I want it!
    Vist my blog and if it like u, became my new follower!! ( I'll follow back!)

  5. omg, those shoes are amazing! want them :D

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