Feb 16, 2014

Post "V-Day"

Time for an outfit post again! Today's weather was so lovely, as you can see in the photos, lots of sunshine and a clear blue sky. I know the US is having a hard time in dealing with snow storms and awful winter cold, and for some reason, winter decided to stay away from the Netherlands this time. With average temparatures of 7 °C - 12 °C (44 °F - 54°F), I'm not complaining!

I did not post a Valentine's Day outfit, but let's just say, this outfit was kinda inspired by it. Red, roses and my new favorite shoes!

Coat - Asos Curve||Top - New Look||Skirt - New Look||Shoes - &other Stories


  1. You look HOTT here and those shoes are to die for. . . .

  2. How do u order from these sites and not get charged extra? I ordered a skirt for $18 and ended up paying $38 for it.what's the trick.Is there a trick?

    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately I don't have a trick... Most websites I shop at are located in the UK, which is close to me, so don't cost me a great amount of shipping costs.
      I have the same problem when ordering from the US. Shipping is sometimes even more than the item itself. I try to avoid it, unless I REALLY want something.

  3. Those feathered heels are too cute!!!



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