Jun 11, 2014

Dirty Dancing

"I carried a watermelon" 

This movie pretty much captures my entire childhood. I mean, if you haven't watched this movie at least 3 times you didn't have a real childhood *cough*. Right?! Miss Frances Houseman and Johnny Castle. Oh, how many times I wished I was at Kellerman's with them. The movie came out in 1987, so yeah, I was only a one year old toddler then, but boy, did I make up for lost times! I don't even know how many times I've watched this and to this day, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Whenever the song "I had the time of my life" is on the radio in some kind of 80's special I feel the corners of my mouth curling up in the biggest smile and I can't help singing loudly and overly dramatic with the tunes of the song. I mean come on, "Nobody puts ME in the corner!"

And Patrick Swayze, oh how I still miss you :(

This outfit was very easy to recreate as it's not very "high fashion". Nonetheless, this month is all about having fun and featuring some of my favorite movies. "Baby" wore a similar outfit while practicing to dance with Johnny, this look is actually featured in a montage in the movie and it's one of my favorite parts as Baby is starting to get more loose and is having fun :)

Top - H&M||Shorts - Asos Curve (old)||Shoes - local store




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