Oct 26, 2015

The Bee's Knees

The time for knits, vests and boots is here. Today I wanted to show you an outfit with all these three elements in it. The boots were the biggest challenge because I figured it would be hard to find a pair that fits my calves. I do have to mention that my calves are not that big, since in very rare cases, I do fit "regular" sized boots and get to zip them all the way to the top (oh goodness, the feeling when that happens, ahhhhh). Anyway, there wasn't really a challenge, as it only took me a 5 minute haunt online to find a pair. Win! The boots are partially made out of a stretch material, so no zippers involved, which makes it even easier. Downside: they do tend to drop from time to time, and I'm not a really big fan of the saggy boots effect to be honest. In the pictures they look really saggy but it was not that bad in real life. All I know is that with some knee high boots, the season is starting to look far more interesting... ;)

Dress - c/o JUNAROSE (old)||Vest - H&M||Boots - New Look via Asos


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