Aug 5, 2010

Please mr Postman??

So, I ordered a few things from my favorite online store in the world, ASOS!! I can't wait to get my package, I love getting packages (things I buy only) in the mail! Feels like Christmas, even though I know what's in it...

I should receive my stuff in the beginning of next week, the email said on or before Tuesday the 10th.. I know it has already been despatched, so please mr Postman, be nice and deliver it ASAP...

- Shoulder pad lace bodycon dress, €13,24
Woven skater skirt, €7,94
- 'Darling' stretch bracelet on pearls, €6,62
Linen full skirt, €6,62

P.S: If you're interested in one of these items, just click the links and you will be directed to them straight away! I will be reviewing these for you, so if you're not sure to order just yet, you can wait for my review!


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