Sep 26, 2011


glasses - Proopticals// Scarf - H&M

Did I ever mention I (am supposed to) wear prescription glasses? Well, I do. So lucky me when the lovely people at Proopticals contacted me to try on their glasses. 

Proopticals is an online supplier of prescription glasses and frames. You can choose a frame you like and order or order the frame including lenses. Now I know some people may have second thoughts on ordering their glasses online, but no worries! Their website has a virtual try on! You can upload your own picture and try on the frames, super handy.

I'm very satisfied with the pair they sent me. They are not too heavy, the fit is great and the material is nice too. They were nicely packed and the shipping was really fast.

There are a lot of models to choose from, below some of my favorites:

(as you can see, I'm sort of in love with the 'oversized' geek glasses look)

So, if you're looking for something different at great prices, I'd suggest you check them out!

Have a lovely Monday,


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  1. cute glasses! i have the same scarf & i love it :-)



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